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Fuzz, Acid & Flowers - Revisited Expanded Edition

Bands featured in the book:-

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Aardvark (WI/IL) Aardvark (?) Aardvarks (MI)
Aardvarks (MO)Aardvarks (MN)Aargons (KS)
Aaron (VA)Abandoned (IL)Abbrev's (SC)
John Howard Abdnor and The Involvement (TX)Abdo-Men (MN)Abel (CA)
A.B. Skhy (WI>CA) The Abstracts (CA) The Abstracts (NY)
Abstract Sound (NJ) The Accents (MN) The Accents (WA)
The Accents (CA) The Accents (RI) The Accents (featuring Sandi) (CA)
The Aces (MI) Aces Combo (?) The Acid Test (CA) - see Ken Kesey (CA).
Acme Thunder (IL) The Acoustics (NY) Acrobat (TN)
Action Unlimited (CA) The Actioneers (TX) Activators (IA)
Act Of Creation (RI) Act III (CA) - see Travel Agency (CA). Adam (?NY)
Adamkosky (?) Anthony Adams (CA) Douglas Adams (CA)
Addiss and Crofut (?) The Advancement (CA) Advantes (?PA)
Adventurers (PA) Aerial Landscape (CA) Aerosmith (MA)
The Aerovons (MO) Aesop and The Fables (OR) Aesop's Fables (NY)
A Euphonious Wail (CA) Jeff Afdem and Springfield Flute (WA) - see Springfield Rifle (WA). Affection Collection (ID)
A 440 (TX) After All (FL) Afterglow (CA)
Aftermath (CA) Afton (?) Agape (CA)
The Agents (CA) The Agents (?) The Age Of Reason (NY)
The Age Of Reason (VA) - see Reason (VA). The Aggregation (CA) The Aggressors (TX)
Don Agrati (CA) A Group Called Eve (OH) A Handful (TX>CA)
Aim (CA) Air (?PA) Airhead (TX)
A.J. (NV) Akers, Lee, and The Electric Generation (?) Steve Akin (TX)
Alamo (TN) The Alarm Clocks (OH) Albatross (VA)
Albatross (IL) Dick and Anne Albin (KY) Pete Albin (with Pigpen) (CA)
Albino Gorilla (?) Albrecht and Roley (MI) Albrecht, Roley & Moore (MI)
Aldermen (CA) Aleithia (KY) A Letter Home (CA)
Gordon Alexander (CA) Alexander Rabbit (NJ) Alexander's Rock Time Band (?)
Alexander's Timeless Bloozband (CA) Stephen Alexandersen (IL) Ali-Baba Revue (?)
The Alibi (?) Alien City (WA) Alien Nation (Larry And Myra) (?)
The Aliens (VA) Aliotta Haynes (IL) Aliotta Haynes Jeremiah (IL)
A Little Bit Of Sound (CA) Alive 'n' Kickin' (NY) Davie Allan & The Arrows (CA)
Beau Allen (GA) Chris Allen and The Good-Timers (IN) Paul Allen (AR)
Steve Allen and The Gentle Players (?) Alley Cats (TX) Alley Cats (NY)
Alice Cooper - see under 'C'. All God's Children (CA) The Alliance (LA)
Allies (CA) All In One (?) Keith Allison (TX>CA)
Duane and Gregg Allman (FL) The Allman Brothers Band (FL>GA) Allman Joys (FL)
All Natural Band (MA) - see Frankie Carr (MA). The All Night Workers (NY) All-Niters (MI)
All Of Thus (NY) All Saved Freak Band (OH) All 6 (CA)
All That The Name Implies (?) Tandyn Almer (CA) Alphabetical Order (KY)
Al's Untouchables (IA) Alt Take (CA) Randy Alvey and The Green Fuz (TX)
Alvin Cash & The Registers (?) Alzo (NY) Alzo and Udine (?)
The Amberjacks (NY) Ambertones (CA) The Amboy Dukes (MI)
Pat Ament (?) America Is Hard To Find (NY) American Beetles (FL)
American Blues (TX) American Blues Exchange (CT) The American Breed (IL)
American Dream (RI) The American Dream (PA) American Eagle (CA)
The American Eagles (TN) American Express (WI) American Express (CA)
The American Four (CA) American Legend (IA) American Peddlers (TX)
The American Revolution (CA) The American Standard (NY) American Standard (RI)
The American Way (?) American Zoo (CA) America's Children (NY)
Amigo (?CA) The Amoeba (TX) Paul Amrod's (NY)
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell (KS) Peter Anders (CA) Anders & Poncia (CA)
Eric Andersen (NY) Al Anderson (CT) David Anderson (GA/TN)
The Anglo-Americans (?) Anglo-Saxon (MI) The Angry Men (NY)
Animated Egg (CA) Anonymous (IN) The Answer (CA)
Anthem (?) Anthrax (CA) - see Formerly Anthrax (CA). Ant Trip Ceremony (OH)
Aorta (IL) The Apocalypse (MI) Apokolips (IL)
The Apolloes (GA) The Apollos (VA) Apollo's Apaches (IL)
The Apostles (MN) The Apostles (MA) The Apostles (NJ)
The Apostles (MI) Apothecary (WI) Appaloosa (MA)
Apparition (NJ) Apperson Jackrabbit (CA) The Apple Corps (CT)
The Apple-Glass Cyndrom (NM) The Apple Pie Motherhood Band (MA>NY>VT) Jon Appleton (NH)
The Appletree Theatre (ME) Aquinos (MO) Arbors (MI)
Arbuckle (?) Arcesia (CA) Archie Whitewater (NY)
Arch Of Triumph (CA>France) Arcus (NJ) Arden House (CT)
The Argyles (TX) Arica (NY) Ariel (CA)
Ark (CA) - see Purple Gang (CA). The Ark (TX) The Arkay IV (PA)
Armageddon (CA) Dave Armstrong and One Eyed Jacks (IL) - see One Eyed Jacks (IL). Arnold Bean (Germany>US)
The Arondies (PA) Arrangement (?) Arrogance (NC)
The Arrogants (CA) Ars Nova (?) Art (AK)
Art Collection (CA) Arthur (Arthur Lee Harper) (CA) Artificial Horizons (?)
Art of Lovin' (MA) Bill Artz & His Rhythm Kings (?) David Arvedon (?)
The Ascendors (NY) The Ascots (MI) The Ascots (RI)
The Ascots (CA) Ash (CA) Billy Ashe (TX)
The Ashes (CA) Jan Ashton (CA) Ed Askew (?)
A Small World (CA) Assemblage (MI) Associated Soul Group (?)
The Association (CA) The Assortment (MI) The Astral Projection (TX)
Astral Projection (NY) The Astronauts (CO) Asylum (VA)
The Asylum Choir (CA) Atlantics (CA) Atlantics (MI)
Atlantis (MN) Atlantis Philharmonic (?) Atlee (CA)
Attack (MI) Attention Span (IN) The Attic Sound (?)
Attila (?) Attila and The Huns (WI) Atwood Electric Iceman (?)
Debbie Au (?) August (NJ) Aum (CA)
Aura (CA) The Aussies (AZ) Autosalvage (NY)
Autumn People (AZ) The Avant Garde (?) The Avengers (CA)
The Avengers (NY) The Avengers (PA) The Avengers (TN)
The Avengers (TX) Avengers VI (CA) Avlons (NC)
The Awakening (?) A Warm Puppy (MA) Axcraft (CA)
David Axelrod (?) Axis Brotherhood (NM) Hoyt Axton (CA)
The Aya Singers (TX) Azitis (CA) Aztex (IN)


The Bachs (IL) Bachs Lunch (?) The Backdoor Men (IN)
Backdoor Society (OH) Backgrounds (CA) Back Pocket (CA)
The Backseat (CA) Back Street Boys (MA) Bad & Good Boys (TN)
Bad Axe (CA) The Bad Boys (MD) The Badd Boys (CA)
Badge (MD) Badge & Co (KS) The Bad Habits (TX)
The Bad Habits (LA) The Bad Roads (LA) The Bad Seeds (TX)
The Bad Seeds (KY) The Bag (NY) The Bagatelle (?)
Johnimah Bahlu (CA) Kali Bahlu (CA) Isabel Baker (CA)
Baker Street Irregulars (PA) Baldwin and Leps (NY) The Balladeers (ME)
Ballin' Jack (WA) The Balloon Corps (PA) The Balloon Farm (NY)
Ballroom (CA) Bamboo (MN) The Ban (CA)
Banana and The Bunch (CA) Banana Splits (?) Banchee (?)
The Bandits (WA) The Bandits (MN) The Bandits (GA)
Band Of Wyndand (CA) The Band Without A Name (CA) Bang (PA)
Bangor Flying Circus (IL) The Banned (NJ) The Banshees (IL)
Banshees (CA) Bantams (?) Dave Banyase and Sum Guys (MI)
Barbara (aka Barbie) (NJ) Barbara (CA) Barbara & Ernie (?)
The Barbarians (MA) Barber Green (OR) Barbie (CA) - see Barbara (CA).
The Bar Boys (AR) The Bards (TX) The Bards (WA)
The Bare Facts (OH) The Barking Spyders (TX) Barnaby Bye (?)
Steve Baron Quartet (NY) The Barons (TX, San Antonio) The Barons (TX, Forth Worth)
The Barons (FL) The Barons (TX, Corpus Christi) Baron Thomas and The Blue Crystals (OH)
The Baroque Brothers (TX) Baroque Monthly (OH) The Baroques (WI)
The Barracuda (NY) The Barracudas (VA) The Barracudas (LA)
The Barracudas (CA) The Barracudas (ME) The Barracudas (NY)
Tom Barsanti and The Invaders (NM) Bartel (NY) The Basement Wall (LA)
Robbie Basho (MD) Basic Things (TX) The Baskerville Hounds (OH)
Bassetts (?) The Bassmen (AZ) The Bassmen (AL)
Bastille (MA) Gil Bateman (WA) The Bats (CA)
Jon Batson (?) Battalion Tweed (CT) Skip Battin (CA)
Joe Bauer (CA) Baxter (?) Baxter's Chat (KS)
John Bayley (MO) Bay Ridge (NY) The Baytovens (CA)
B.B. and The Oscars (?) B.C. and The Caveman (MI) The BC's (TX)
Paul Wayne Beach (?OH) The Beach Boys (CA) Beach Bums (MI)
The Beachcombers (WA) The Beach Niks (IA) The Beach Nuts (?)
The Beachnuts (VA) The Beacon Street Union (MA) Bead Game (MA)
David Beal (TX) Beans (?) Bear (MA)
The Bearcuts (?) Paul Bearer and The Hearsemen (OR) The Bear Fax (TX)
Bear Mountain Band (AZ) Beast (CO) Beast (WI)
Beaten Path (NY) Beatin' Path (PA) The Beatle-ettes (NY)
The Beat of The Earth (CA) The Beaubiens (MI) The Beau Brummels (CA)
The Beauchemins (CA) The Beau Denturies (OH) The Beau Gentry (FL)
The Beau Phenom (CT) Beauregard Ajax (CA) Beauregarde (OR)
Beauregarde (?TX) The Beaus Of Beethoven (PA) The Beautiful Apollo (IL) - see Apollo's Apaches (IL).
The Beaux Jens (MI) Beaver and Krause (OH/MI>CA) Beaver and The Trappers (CA)>
The Beaver Patrol (FL) Joe Beck (PA>NY) Beckett Quintet (CA)
Billie Joe Becoat (?) Bedforde Set (MD) Jack Bedient and The Chessmen (WA>NV)
Bedlam Four (MN) The Bed of Roses (MI) Bedpost Oracle (CA)
Beech-Nuts (NY) The Beeds (?) The Beefeaters (CA)
The Beefeaters (TX) William C. Beeley (TX) Beep Beep and The Roadrunners (MA)
The Bees (CA, Los Angeles) The Bees (CA, La Verne) Bees (FL)
Beethoven's Dream Group (NY) Beethoven Four (MI) Beethoven 4 (GA)
Beethoven's Fifth (?NY) The Beethoven Soul (CA) The Bel-Aires (MI)
Iris Bell Adventure (MI) Vincent Bell (NY) The Belles (FL)
Denny Belline and The Rich Kids (NY) The Bellingham Accents (WA) The Bells of Rhymney (MI)
The Beloved Ones (CA>France) - see Arch Of Triumph (CA>France). The Beloved Ones (AZ) - see The Dearly Beloved (AZ). Toby Ben (CA)
The Benders (WI) The Bends (PA) Bengali Bauls (India>US)
Tim Bennett (CA) Benninghoff (?FL) Jay Bentley and The Jet Set (?CA)
Bentleys (PA) Beo Wulf (CA) Terry Ber (?)
John Berberian (NY) Beretmusic (CT) Rob Berge Band (WI)
Father Pat Berkery (?) The Berkley Five (FL) Berkeley Kites (?FL)
The Bermuda Jam (?CA) Bermuda Triangle (NY) The Berries (IA)
The Berries (IL) Bob Berry (CA) The Berrys (NM)
Berwick Players (TN) The Best (?NJ) Best Of Friends (?)
Karen Beth (?) Bethlehem (?CA) Bethlehem Asylum (FL)
The Bethlehem Exit (CA) Better Half (MD) Better Half-Dozen (LA)
Better Sweet (TN) Betty (CA) Alex Bevan (OH)
B.F. Trike (IN) Bhagavad Gita (OH) Bhagavan Das (and Amazing Grace) (CA)
Bhang (MI) Big Brother & The Holding Company (CA) Big Brother (featuring Ernie Joseph) (CA)
Big Foot (CA) The Big Game Hunters (?CA) The Big Inners (WA)
Big Lost Rainbow (CT) Big Sir (?CA) Big Sounds (TX)
Big Star (TN) The Big Three (NY) Don Bikoff (NY)
Billy (MN) Billy and The Kids (WA) Billy Rat and The Finks (IA)
Edwin Birdsong (PA) The Birdwatchers (FL) Birmingham Sunday (NV)
Birtha (CA) Biscuit Davis (?) Randy Bishop (?)
Bit 'A Sweet (NY) Bits 'n' Pieces (MI) Bitter Creek (GA)
Bitter Ind (FL) - see The Tiffany System (FL). Bittersweets (AZ) The Bittersweets (OH)
The Bittersweett (AL) Bittervetch (OH) Dave Bixby (MI)
B.J. And The Hobson Brothers (?) Anna Black (OK/NM/TX) Black and Blues (IN)
Blackbird (?) Blackburn & Snow (CA) Black Death (MN)
Black Diamonds (CA) J.D. Blackfoot (OH) Black Merda (MS)
Black Orchids (WV) Black Pearl (CA) Black River Circus (VA)
Blackrock (?) The Black Sacks (TX) The Black Sheep (CA)
Blackstone (?) The Blackstones (IL) Black Swan (CA)
Black Voy Alley (TX) The Black Watch (MI) Blackwell (TX)
Blackwood Apology (MN) Blades of Grass (NY) Hal Blaine (CA)
Lindy Blaskey and The Lavells (NM) The Blazers (CA) The Blazers (MO)
The Blazers (MI) The Blazers (OH) The Blazers (GA)
Blessed End (PA) Lynn Blessing (IN) Michael Blessing (TX>CA)
Arthur Blessitt and The Eternal Rush (CA) Bley-Peacock Synthesizer Show (NY) Fred Bliffert (WI)
Bliss (AZ) Blitz (OH) The Blokes (MI)
Bloodrock (TX) Blood, Sweat and Tears (NY) Bloody Mary (NY)
Mike Bloomfield (IL) The Bloomsbury People (WI) The Blox (TX)
Bill Blue (VA) The Blue Angels (IN) Blue Ash (OH)
The Blue Banana (KS) The Bluebeards (?OH) The Blue Beats (CT)
The Bluebird (WA) The Bluebird (OR) The Bluebyrd (MN)
The Blue Bus (CA) Blue Cheer (CA) The Blue Chips (NY)
Blue Creed (VA) The Blue Echoes (MA) The Blue Feeling (WI)
Blue Light (HI) Blue Marble Farm (?) Blue Mountain Eagle (CA)
Blu-Erebus (NC) Blue Ridge (NY) Blue Rose (CA)
Blue Sandelwood Soap (MN) Blue Scepter (MI) Blues Company (MI)
The Blues Foundation (AR) Blues Image (FL) The Blues Inc. (OH)
Blues Magoos (NY) Blues Messengers (FL) Blues Prism (?)
The Blues Project (NY) The Blues Spectrum (PA) The Blues Uv Purple (FL) - see The Powers Uv Purple (FL).
The Blue Things (KS) Blue Wood (CA) Boa (MI)
Boa Constrictor and Natural Vine (MD) The Boards (TX) Bobby and I (?CA)
Bobby and The Dukes (?) Bocky and The Visions (OH) Bodacious D.F. (CA)
Bodine (WA) The Bodrockers (WA) The Boenzee Cryque (CO)
Curt Boettcher (CA) Boffalongo (NY) Bo Grumpus (?NY)
Bohemian Vendetta (NY) Buddy Bohn (IL) The Bojax (SC)
Bold (MA) Bolder Damn (FL) Tiffany Bolling (?)
The Bompers (?) Boomerang (?) Bondsmen (NC)
Bondsmen (?) Bone (CT) Bones (CA)
Bonne Villes (NC) T. S. Bonniwell (CA) - see Music Machine (CA). Sonny Bono (CA)
Bon Tempe (CA) Jack Bonus (CA) Boo Boo and Bunky (CA)
Book of Changes (CA) Boondoggle and Balderdash (?) Boot (FL)
The Bootiques (CA) The Bootles (?) The Bootmen (WA)
Born Again (CA) Boruk (?) The Boss Five (NY)
The Bossmen (MI) The Bossmen (TX>IL) The Boss Tweads (MN)
The Bostweeds (CA) The Boston Tea Party (CA) Boston Tea Party (IL)
Bo Street Runners (AZ) Bottle Company (MI) Botumles Pit (TX)
Bougalieu (NY) Boulder Brothers (ID) The Bounty Hunters (PA)
The Bourbons (TX) The Bourbons (MA) The Bows and Arrows (?CA)
Bow Street Runners (NC) The Box Tops (TN) Boy Blues (CA)
Boyce and Hart (CA) Terence Boylan (NY) Kent Harrison Boyles (MD)
Amos Boynton and The ABC's (TX) The Boys (TX) The Boys (FL)
The Boys From New York City (NY) Boys Next Door (IN) Boystown (CA)
The Boyz (IL, Joliet) The Boyz (IL, Chicago) J. Leland Braddock (MA)
Bob Brady and The Con Chords (MD) Victor Brady (NY) John Braheny (CA)
The Brain Police (CA) The Brain Train (CA) The Brakmen (NE)
Bram Rigg Set (CT) Bramante & Cross (CA) Marc Brandt (TX)
Brand X (CA) Brand X (IN) Brandywine (NJ)
The Brass Button (?) The Brass Buttons (NY) Brass Monkey (?)
Brass Toad (TX) Brat (CA) The Brave New World (WA)>
The Breakers (WA) The Breakers (KS) The Breakers (TN)
The Breakers (AZ) Bobby Brelyn (IL) The Brentwoods (NM)
Brethren (NY) Brethren (?) Brew (CA)
Brewer and Shipley (KS) Bridge (CT) The Bridge (NC)
The Bridge (MS) Brigade (OR) The Brigands (NY)
Brigg (PA) Bright Image (PA) George Brigman (MD)
The Briks (TX) Ashley Brilliant (CA) Brimstone (OH)
Brimstone (FL) The Brimstones (TX) The Brimstones (CA)
Bristol Boxkite (CA) The British Colonels (TX) The British Walkers (VA>DC)
B. Brock and The Sultans (?) Jaime Brockett (MA) The Brogues (CA)
Broken Arrow (?CA) Broken Bow & Idabell (LA) Bronin Hogman Band (NH)
Donnie Brooks (CA) Terry Brooks and Strange (FL) Broth (NY)
Brother Bait (IL) Brother Fox And The Tar Baby (MA) Brotherhood (CA)
Brotherhood (OH) Brotherhood Of Peace (NC) The Brotherhood of Soul (NY)
BLC (Brother Love Congregation) (TX) The Brothers (CA) Brothers (?)
The Brothers and Sisters (TX) Brothers Grim (CA) Brother Son (CO) - see Diamondhead (CO).
Brougham Closet (WA) Bob Brown (NY) Bobby Brown (CA)
Charlie Brown (IA) Doug Brown (MI) Scott Brown and The Tempests (OR)
Charles Browning (DC) Brown Dust (?) Brownscombe and Kleiner (NJ)
Brownstone (CA) Brush Arbor (CA) Brute Force (?)
The Bruthers (NY) James Bryant & The Kritters (WI) Bryd(e)s (IL)
Bryllig and The Nymbol Swabes (?) The Brymers (CA) The Brym-Mars (NC)
Brym Stonz Ltd (TX) Bubba (?) The Bubble Gum Machine (?)
Bubble Puppy (TX) The Buccaneers (TX) The Buccaneers (PA)
Buch And The Snake Stretchers (MD) The Buchanan Brothers (?) The Buckett City Distortion Rackett (AZ)
Del Buckingham (OH) The Buckinghams (IL) Mickey Buckins And The New Breed (AL)
The Buckle (TX) Tim Buckley (CA) The Buck Rogers Movement (MA)
Bud And Kathy (CA) The Buddahs (CA) Bue-Cotts (MN)
The Buffaloes (NY/NJ) Buffalo Nickel (CA) - see The Tyrods (CA). Buffalo Springfield (CA)
Buff Organisation (CA) The Buggs (?) The Bugs (MA)
Bulbous Creation (KS/MO) Bull (NY) Sandy Bull (NY)
BullAngus (NY) Bulldog (NY) The Bummers (MI)
Bump (MI) The Bumps (WA) Bunky and Jake (NY)
The Buoys (TX) Wilburn Burchette (?) Bureman & O'Rourke (KS)
Burgundy Blues (FL) The Burgundy Runn (NM) Danny Burk and The Invaders (TN)
Tommy Burk And The Counts (TN) The Burlington Express (KS) The Burlington Express (KS?/MI?)
The Burlington Express (WI) The Burlington Squires (FL) Abner Burnett And The Burn-Outs (TX)
The Burning Bush (GA) Randy Burns (CT>NY) Burnside (?NY)
Burnt Suite (CT) Burton and Cunico (AUS) Mary Burton & Peter Baldwin (IL)
Jerry Busch (OH) The Bush (CA) Terry Bush (?)>
Bushes (IL) The Bushmen (CA, Santa Clare) The Bushmen (CA, Fresno)
The Bushmen (?CA) The Busters (?) Butch (NY/CA)
The Butlers (?) The Butterfield Blues Band (IL) Butterfingers (?TX)
Butter Rebellion (?FL) Buzz and Bucky (TN) - see Ronny and The Daytonas (TN). The Buzzards (RI)
Buzzsaw (IL) The By Fives (TX) Joe Byrd and The Field Hippies (CA) - see The United States of America (CA)
The Byrds (CA) Byron and The Mortals (CA) Byzantine Empire (MI)


Caeser and His Romans/and The Romans (NY) Cafe Feenjon (NY) - see under 'F'. Jeffrey Cain (CA)
Cain (MN) The Cake (?CA) Caldera (?)
Gayle Caldwell (CA) The Calico Wall (MN) California Bear (CA)
Randy California (CA) The Californians (CA) The California Poppy Pickers (CA)
The California Spectrum (CA) Eddie Callahan (CA) Bobby Callender (?)
The Calliope (NJ) Calliope (WA) Calliope (CA, Santa Barbara)
Cambridge (MI) Cambridge (PA) The Camel Drivers (MI)
Cameron (FL) Hamilton Camp (UK>US) Dick Campbell (WI)
El Campo Jades (TX) Canadian Legends (?) The Canadian Rogues (FL)
Candle (?) Jimmy C and The Chelsea Five (TX) Candy Company (?)
The Candymen (AL) Canebreak (aka Canebreak Singers) (LA) Cannabis (RI)
Canned Heat (CA) Cannibal and The Headhunters (CA) The Cannons (WI)
Canoise (MN) Willard Cantelon (?) Canterbury Fair (CA)
Canterbury Music Festival (NY) Canticle (?) Capes of Good Hope (IL)
Capn Jack (FL) Captain Beefheart (CA) Captain Darby and The Buccaneers (VA)
Captain Freak and Lunacycle Band (?) Captain Groovy and His Bubblegum Army (OH) Captain Zoom (& The Androids) (CA)
Captain Milk (?CA) Capus David (?) C.A. Quintet (MN)
The Caravans (TX) Caravelles (AZ) The Cardboard Box (PA)
Cardboard Village (MA) The Cardinals (IN) The Cardinali Brothers (CA)
The Caretakers (CA, Riverside) The Caretakers (CA, Lincoln) The Caretakers of Deception (CA)
Cargoe (OK) Carmel Covered Popcorn (CA) Ralph Carmichael and Kurt Kaiser (?)
Carnival of Sound (IL) Carp (OK) Chris Carpenter (MI)
The Carpetbaggers (CA) Carr/Kahl (MI) Frankie Carr (MA)
The Carriage Trade (CA) Carrie Nations (?) Corky Carroll & Friends (CA)
Carrols Mood (TX) Carrot Tree (?) Dean Carter (Sound) (IL)
Jimmy Carter & Dallas County Green (MO) Susan Carter (NY) The Cartunesc (PA)
Dan Casamajor (CA) The Cascades (CA) Case (FL)
Cashman-Vaquero Band (CVB) (CA) The Castaways (MN) The Castaways (LA)
Castells (?) Castels (TN) Lynn Castle with Last Friday's Fire (AZ/CA)
Cast of Thousands (TX) Catalina (CA) The Catalinas (MO)
The Catalinas (?) The Catamorands (TN) Catch (CA)
Catfish Knight and The Blue Express (?) Cathedral (NY) Cathedral (PA)
Catherine's Horse (CT) Cat Mother and The All Night Newsboys (NY) The Catsanovas (?)
The Cats Meow (NY) Cavaliers (CA) The Cavaliers (TX)
Cavalry Twill (?) Cave Dwellers (IL) Cave Dwellers (CA)
The Cavemen (NY) The Cavemen (FL) The Cavemen (IL)
Joanna Cazden (WA) C.C. & The Chasers (MA) Cedar Creek (NC)
Cedar Creek Society (TX) Ceeds (CO) The Cellar Dwellers (TX)
The Cellar Dwellers (NM) The Cellar Dwellers (FL) The Celtics (TX)
The Celtics (GA) Center Family (?) The Center Line (WA)
Central High School (CT) Central Park (?NY) Central Park (?)
Centrees (OH) Centuries (NJ) The Centuries (OK)
The Centurys (TX) The Centurys (PA) The Cephas (PA)
The Ceptors (WA) The Certain Scene (?) The Ceyleib People (CA)
Chad & Jeremy (UK>CA) Bill Chadwick (?) Don Chafey (?)
Chaind (CA) The Chain Reaction (NY) The Chain Reaction (MA)
The Chain Reaction (FL) Chain Reactions (CT) The Chains (TX)
Chakra (?CA) Chakras (CA) Chalis (?)
The Challengers Of Wilson, N.C. (NC) The Challengers (CA) The Challengers (Of Who) (WI)
David Chalmers (IL>CA) Chamaeleon Church (MA) The Chambermen (WA)
The Chambers Brothers (MS) The Chancellors (NY) The Chancellors (MI)
Chancellors Ltd (TX) The Chandells (CO) Kenny Chandler (PA)
Changing Colours (NY) The Changing Scene (?) Changing Times (TX, Waco/Temple)
The Changing Times (TX, Dallas) Changin' Times (NY) Changin' Tymes (TN)
The Changin' Tymes (AL) Changin' Tymes (NC) Chantays (CA) - see Ill Winds, Leaping Ferns (CA).
The Chants (TX) The Chaparrals (TX) The Chaparrals (PA)
The Chapin Brothers (?) Chaplin Harness (NJ) Betsy Chapman (?)
Chapparals (TX) - see The Chaparral Trio (TX). The Chapparal Trio (TX) The Chaps (AR)
Chapter VI (CA) Charade (OH) Chargers (WA)
Chariot (?) Charisma (CT) Charisma (FL)
Charity (CA) Charity (CA) The Charlatans (CA)
The Charles (NY, 1) Charles (NY, 2) Charlie D. and Milo (?)
Charlie Nothing (CA) Charmer (FL) Charolette Wood (CA)
The Chartbusters (DC) The Chasers (CO) The Chasers (TN)
Chateaus (KY) Chateaux (SD) The Chayns (TX)
Chaz (and The Classics) (TX) The Checkmates (?) The Checkmates (TN)
The Check-Mates Inc. (CA) The Checkmates International (GA) Chelsea (NY)
Chelsea Beige (?) Chentelles (MI) Cherokee (WI)
The Cherokee (?) Cherry People (VA) Cherry Slush (MI)
The Chesapeake Juke Box Band (?) Chesmann Square (MO) The Chessmen (TX)
The Chessmen (IN) The Chessmen (NM) The Chevelle V (TX)
The Chevelles (IA) The Chevrons (NE) Chevrons/Chevron's V (MI)
Chicago Loop (IL) Chicago Transit Authority (IL) The Chicken And The Egg (GA)
Child (?) Childe Harold (?NY/?DC) The Children (TX)
The Children of Darkness (IL) Children of One (NY) Children Of Paradise (NY)
Children Of Stone (CA) Children of The Mushroom (CA) Children of The Night (CT)
The Chimes (AL) Chimps (PA) Chin (NY) - see King Harvest (NY).
Chips & Co (?CT/?NY) Chirco (NY) Chi-Rho (IL)
The Choab/Chob (NM) The Chocolate Balloon Company (?) The Chocolate Light Bulbs (CA)
The Chocolate Moose (TX) The Chocolate Paintbox (TX) The Chocolate Pickles (MI)
Chocolate Telephone Pole (TN) Chocolate Tunnel (CA) Chocolate Watch Band (CA)
The Choir (OH) The Chosen Few (CA, Simi Valley) The Chosen Few (CA, Stockton)
The Chosen Few (IN) The Chosen Few (WI) The Chosen Few (MT/NC)
Chosen Few From St. Michaels (VT) - see Roger Lewis and The Moondogs (VT). The Chosen Lot (OH) Chosen Ones (KS)
The Chozen Ones (NY) Chris and Craig (CA) Chris, Chris and Lee (?)
Richard Christensen and Tartaglia (?) Christian Astronauts (OH) Christian Brothers (CA)
Christian Yoga Church (NV) - see Turn On!! (NV). Christmas Spirit (CA) Christopher (TX)
Christopher (SC) Christopher and The Chaps (NY) Christopher and The Souls (TX)
Christopher Cloud (CA) Christopher Milk (CA) Chrysalis (NY)
Tony Church And The Crusade (OH) Churchill (?TN) The Churchill Administration (?IL)
Churchill Downs (CA) The Churchkeys (ND) The Churchmice (NY)
Chy Guys (IL) The Chylds (OH) The Chymes (CA)
The Cicadelics (TX) Don Ciccone (NJ) Cincinnati Joe and Mad Lydia (OH)
The Cindells (NY) The Cindermen (CA) The Cinders (TX)
Circus (OH) Circus (WI) The Circus (TX, Houston)
The Circus (TX, Beaumont) The Circus (IL) Circus Maximus (TX)
The Cirkit (IN) Cirkyt (CT) Le Cirque (?CA/?TX)
Citations (OH) Citations (MS/AL) The City (NY)
The City Blues (CA) The City Limits (WA) City Squires (OH)
The City Zu (WA) C.K. Strong (?) Clann (MO)
Clap (CA) Kathy Clarke (TX) The Classmen (MO)
Claytons (IN) The Cleanliness and Godliness Skiffle Band (CA) Clean Living (?)
Clear Blue Sky (NC) Clear Blue Sky (MI) Clearing (MA)
Clear Light (CA) Clefs of Lavender Hill (FL) Cle-Shays (IA)
The Cliches (OH) Click (NY) Click Kids (OR)
Clicker (WI) Buzz Clifford (CA) Doug Clifford (CA)
The Clingers (?) Clinging Hysteria (MI) Clinic (?)
Bill Clint (CA) The Clique (TX) The Cliques (IL)
Clockwork (?) Clockwork Orange (NY) Clock Work Orange (KY)
Closely Watched Trains (RI) Cloud (MA) Clouds (CA)
Cloudwalkers (NY) Clover (CA) Timothy Clover (NY)
The Clue (TX) The Coachmen (MO) The Coachmen (KS)
The Coachmen (NM) The Coachmen (NE) The Coachmen (TX)
The Coachmen (NY) The Coachmen (CA) The Coachmen/Little Rock Coachmen (AR)
The Coachmen (TN) The Coachmen (WI) The Coachmen (IL)
The Coastliners (TX) The Cobblers (WI) The Cobblestones (IN)
The Cobras (ME) The Cobras (CA) The Cobras (?NE)
The Cobras (IL) Ron Coden (MI) Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band (MI)
Crash Coffin (OH) Linda Cohen (?) Mike Cohen (NY)
Stephen Cohn (?) Cold Blood (CA) Colder Children (NY)
Cold Sun (TX) Coldwater Army (FL) Cole and The Embers (MO)
Jerry Cole & His Spacemen (CA) Stud Cole (CA) - see under 'S'. Collage (CT)
Collage '75 (NJ) Collective Star (NY) Collective Tools (NY)
The College Boys (?) Collegiates (WV) Keith Colley (?)
The Colony (CA) Coloring Book (CA) The Colors Of Night (PA)
Colours (CA) Colours (TX) Colours/Christian (CA)
Columbus Circle (CT) Colwell - Winfield Blues Band (MA) The Combenashuns (PA)
Bill Comeau (CT) The Comets (NC) The Comfortable Chair (CA)
Comin' Day (TX) Comin' Generation (OH) Coming Generation (IL)
Coming Times (CA) The Common Cold (CA) The Common Market (?)
The Common People (CA) Commons Ltd. (IL) Communication 1 (MI) - see Carr/Kahl (MI).
Communicaton Aggregation (TN) Companion (TN) Companion (CA)
Compton and Mele (FL) Bobby Comstock and The Counts (NY) Conception (?)
Concern (NM) - see Guitar Ensemble (NM). Concrete Rubber Band (KS) (Mike) Condello (AZ>CA)
C1 C2 (CA) The Confederate Society (NJ) Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley (NY)
Chuck Conlon/Conlan and The Crawlers (FL) - see The Nightcrawlers (FL). Seth Connors (NY) The Conqueroo (TX)
The Conservatives (?) The Contents Are (IA) The Continental Co-eds (MN)
The Continental V (TX) The Continentals (TX, Dallas/Fort Worth) The Continentals (TX, West)
The Continentals (NY) The Continentals (GA) The Continentals (MS)
The Converts (WI) Curley Cook and The Versitones (?) Shep Cooke (AZ/CA)
Cookin' Mama (CA) Cooley - Munson (CA) Alice Cooper (AZ>CA>MI)
Don Cooper (NY) Marty Cooper (CA) Ry Cooper (NY)
Jeff Cooper and The Stoned Wings (US/GER) Pat Copalello (IL) Ruth Copeland (MI)
Copperhead (CA) Copper Plated Integrated Circuit (?) Cops Ltd (WA)
Corbett and Hirsh (?) Frank Corbin (TX) Jerry Corbitt (NY)
The Cordells (TX) Corcoran Bros. (?MD) The Cords (WI)
The Cords (TX) Cornbread (?TN) The Cornells (CA)
Corners Four (?OH) The Cornerstone(s) (AZ) The Cornerstones (ND)
Gene Cornish and The Unbeatables (NY) The Coronados (?) Corporate Body (?)
The Corporation (WI) Corpus (TX) Corruption, Inc (IA)
The Corvets (MN) Corvettes (CA) The Cosmic Brotherhood (CA)
The Cosmic Camel (FL) Cosmic Michael (NY/CA) Cosmic Rock Show (MN)
Cosmic Sound Of Gandharva (CA) - see Gandharva (CA). Cosmic Sounds (?) The Cosmic Tones (TX)
Cosmic Travelers (CA) Cotton Mouth (WA) Cottonwood (CA)
Cottonwood South (?) The Counsellors (OH) Count and The Colony (MI)
The Countdown 5 (Five) (TX) The Countdowns (IA) The Countdowns (Ron Gray &) (LA)
The Countdowns (MA) Count Five (CA) Country Coalition (?)
Country Gentlemen (NY) Country Joe & The Fish (CA) The Country Roads (KY)
Country Weather (CA) The Counts (WA) The Counts (OH, Warren)
The Counts (OH, Cincinnati) The Counts IV (NC) The Couriers (PA)
The Cousins (FL) - see Kane's Cousins (FL). Billy R Couvson (CA) Coven (IL)
Joe Covington's Fat Fandango (CA) The Cowboys 'n' Indians (?NY) The Cowsills (RI)
Coxon's Army (VA) Coyote (MD) Crabby Appleton (CA)
The Crabs (TX) Crack (?) The Crackerjack Society (?PA/?NY)
Crack The Sky (MD) The Cradle (?) The Craftsmen (OH)
Mike Craig (AZ) Joe Crane And His Hoodoo Rhythm Devils (CA) Crawdaddy (?)
Crazy Elephant (NY) Papa John Creach (CA) Creation of Sunlight (CA)
Creations (NC) Creation's Disciple (NY) Creatures Inc. (NY>DC)
Creedence Clearwater Revival (CA) Creme Soda (WI) The Crescent Six (NJ)
The Crimson Bridge (?) Gary Criss and His Crystals (NJ) The Critters (NJ)
Cromagnon (CT) The Crome Syrcus (WA>CA) David Crosby (CA)
Crow (IL>MN) Crowd + 1 (TX) Crucible (IN)
The Crucible(s)/Kiriae Crucible (WI) The Crusade (AK) The Crusaders (CA)
The Cryan' Shames (IL) The Crystal Ball (?IL) Crystal Chandelier (RI)
Crystal Circus (CA) Crystal Garden (CA) Crystal Haze (IL)
Crystal Image (CA) Crystal Palace (AZ) Crystal Rain (OH)
Crystal Revelation (NY) Cucumber (?) Culls (AR)
The Cult (NY) Curfew (?) Current Event (?)
Don Curry and The Instigators (TX) Dick Curtis (MI) Jimmy Curtiss (NY)
Custer and The Survivors (CA) Custer's Last Band (FL) Customs Five (?)
Cutty Sark (TX) Cyclones (?PA) Cykle (NC)
Cynara (MA) The Cynics (TX) The Cyrkle (PA)
Cyrkle Of Sound (TX)


Daddy Dewdrop (CA) Daddy Longlegs (NY>NM>UK) Daddy Warbucks (?)
Tommy Dae (CT) The Dagenites (MD) The Daggs (IL)
The Daily Flash (WA) Daisy and Arthur (?) The Daisy Chain (CA)
Dakila (CA) The Floyd Dakil Combo (TX) Floyd Dakil Four (TX)
Da Kingfish Band (TN) Dakota (?) Dalek Engam: The Blackstones (IL)
Karen Dalton (NY) The Dalton Gang (FL) Dalton James and Sutton (TX)
Don Daly (TX) Damascus Road (?) Damnation of Adam Blessing/Damnation (OH)
Damon (CA) Damon (ND) Dennis Damon (TX)
Liz Damon's Orient Express (HI) Sterling Damon (TX) Dan & Dale (?)
Dancing, Food and Entertainment (CA) Dan-Dees (IL) Danes (TX)
Nick D'Angelo and The Farmers (NY) Danny and Jerry (?LA) Danny and Lynda (NY) - see First Revelation (NY).
Danny and The Counts (TX) Danny and The Other Guys (IL) Danny and The Sessions (TX)
Danny's Reasons (MN) The Dantes (OH) The Dantes (PA)
The Dantes (CA) The Dard (FL) - see The Hustlers (FL). The Darelycks (NY)
Darius (CA) Darkhood (MN) The Dark Horsemen (FL)
The Dark Knights (IA) Darkseid (VA) Dark Shadows (TX) - see Cold Sun (TX).
Daughters Of Albion (?) Daughters of Eve (IL) Dave and The Customs (CA)
Dave and The Shadows (MI) Dave and The Dynamics (IN) - see The Wild Things (IN). Dave and The Squires (IL)
Dave and The Stalkers (SC) David (NM) The David (CA)
Mogan David and His Winos (CA) Mogen David & The Grapes of Wrath (IN) David and The Boys Next Door (MO)
David and The Giants (?) Dianne Davidson (?) Terry Davidson & The Barracudas (OH)
Dean Davis Company (CO) Frank Davis (TX) Jan Davis and The Routers (?)
Jeff Davis (TX) Tim Davis (WI) Davy And The Badmen (NJ)
Tim Dawe (CA) The Dawgs (TX) The Dawks
The Dawnbreakers Dawson (KY) John Day (NC)
The Day After (?) Day Blindness (CA) Daybreak (NY, Queens)
Daybreak (NY, Westchester) The Daybreakers (IA) The Daybreakers (FL)
Days of The Week (AL) The Daytonas (TN) - see Ronny and The Daytonas (TN). Daze of The Week (WA) - see The Grotesque Mommies (WA).
The Deacons (MN) Michael Deacon (NE) The Dead Beats (FL)
The Dead Beats (MD) Deadend (ND) Deadlys (OH)
Harry Deal & The Galaxies (NC) Ritchie Dean (NY) Christopher Deane (?)
The Dearly Beloved (Beloved Ones) (AZ) Mike Deasy (CA) The Debonaires (IL)
The Debonairs (TX) Debris (OK) The Debs (?)
The Decades (OK) The Decades (CA) The Decades (OH, Akron)
The Decades (?OH) December's Children (OH) December's Children (CA)
December's Children (IL) December's Children Ltd (DC) The Decisions (MI)
Declaration of Independence (?) Dedicated Followers (OH) The Dedications (AL)
Terry Dee and The Road Runners (MS) Dee Jay and The Runaways (IA) The Deep (NY)
The Deepest Blue (CA) Deep Six (CA) Deep Six (FL)
Deep Soul Cole (CA) Deep Water Reunion (MN) Deerfield (TX)
The Defiant 4 (NM) The Defiants (NM) The Defiants (MN)
Jamie DeFrates (FL) The Del Counts (MN) The Delicate Balance (CA)
The Delights (IL) Delirium (NY) The Delrays (MO)
Del-Rays (AL) The Deltas (TN) The Del-tinos (MI)
The Del-vetts (IL) Demian (TX/CA) Demian (IL)
The Denims (NY) Denis and The Times (VA) Denise & Co (CA)
Dennis The Fox (WA) Depot Rains (IA) Derby-Hatville (TX)
The Descendants (NY) Bob Desper (OR) Destiny's Children (TX)
Destiny's Children (AZ) Detroit (MI) Detroit Riots (MI)
The Detroit Wheels (MI) Deuces Wild (TX) Deviled Ham (RI)
The Devilles (MN) Devils (PA) - see Bentleys (PA). The Devil's Anvil (NY)
Devil's Brigade (?) Dialogue (PA) Dave Diamond and The Higher Elevation (CA)
Johnny Diamond and The Royal Five (TX) Diamondhead (CO) Dickens (NY)
Dickens (FL) Dick Watson 5 (NY/NJ) The Different Parts (LA)
Cheryl Dilcher (PA) The Dimensions (IL) The Dimensions (Five) (WA)
The Dinks (KS>TX) Dino, Desi and Billy (CA) Phill Dirt and The Mound Builders (MA)
Dirty Blues Band (CA) Dirty Filthy Mud (CA) Dirty John's Hot Dog Stand (MA)
Dirty Martha (NJ) Dirty Shames (CA) Dirty Shames (MT>NY)
Dirty Wurds (IL) The Disceples (OK) Disciple (NY)
The Disciples (OK) The Disciples of Shaftesbury (TX) The Disillusioned Younger Generation (CA)
Disraeli (OR) Distant Cousins (NY) The Distant Galaxy (NY) - see Don Sebesky (NY).
The Distant Sounds (MA) Distortions (AL) Dixie Dregs (FL>GA)
Dixie Peach (OH) The "D" Men (CT) DMZ (MA)
Michael Dobbins (ID) Doctor Feelgood (MA) Dr. John, The Night Tripper (LA>CA)
Dr. Spec's Optical Illusion (LA) Dr. T. and The Undertakers (FL) Dr. West's Medicine Show and Junk Band (CA)
Dick Dodd (CA) The Dogs (PA) Dogwood (?)
Denny Doherty (NY) Dohters (NY) Dolphin (NY>CA)
Dick Domane (RI) Domestic Help (?CA) The Dominions (OR)
The Dominos (WI) Don and Jerry with The Fugitives (?CA/LA) Don and The Agitators (CA)
Don and The Goodtimes (OR) Donnybrookes (CA) The Donnybrooks (CA)
The Door Nobs (AZ) The Doors (CA) Doppler Effect (CO>CA)
The Do's and The Don'ts (IA) The Double-O-Six (006) (IL) The Doughboys (NJ)
Doug & Donna (?) Douglas Fir (OR) Douglas Idaho (MN)
Jim Doval and The Gauchos (CA) The Dovers (CA) Paul Dowell and The Dolphin (NY-CA) - see The Dolphin (NY-CA).
The Down Children (PA) Down From Nothing (IL) Downtown Collection (NY)
The Drag Kings (VA) Dragonfly (CO) The Dragons (CA)
Dragonwyck (OH) Drake (OR) - see Drake (Levin) (OR) under 'L'. Steve Drake Band (NY)
Dreamies (DE) Dreams and Illusions (?) John Drendall - B.A. Thrower - and Friends.... (MI)
The Driving Stupid (NJ) Driving Wheels (TX) The Driving Winds (OH)
Drnwyn (OH) The Drones (AL) The Drongos (CA)
The Druids (NY) The Druids (MA) Druids (CA)
Druids (PA) The Druids of Stonehenge (NY/CA) Dry Dock County (NY)
Dryewater (NC) The Dry Gins (LA) Dry Ice (MA)
Drywater (?) Duck (NY) Duffy (?TN)
The Dukes (aka Royal Jones and The Dukes) (IN) Duke Williams and The Extremes (?PA/?NJ) Monte Dunn and Karen Cruz (?)
Duplex (HI) Dust (NY) Dust Bowl Clementine (NY)
Dutch Masters (AR) Richie Duvall And Dog Truck (NY) Dwight Douglas and The Jayhawkers (MI)
Dyckman-James (CT) The (Dynamic) Dischords (ND) The Dynasty (WI)


Eagle (MA) Earlywine (CA) Earthen Vessel (MI)
Earthen Vessel (CA) Earth Free (NY) - see Conjerti, Morreale & Dibley (NY). Earth Island (CA)
Earth Opera (MA) Earthrise (NJ) East (CA)
Eastern Alliance (CT) Eastfield Meadows (CA) The East Side Kids (CA)
(Gaylon Ladd & the) Eastside Transfer (TX) Eastwood Review (TX) Easy Chair (WA, 1)
Easy Chair (WA, 2) Easy Steam (MN) Easy Street (WI)
Sally Eaton (NY>CA) Steve Eaton (ID) The Ebb Tides (MA)
Ebb Tides (OH) Barry Ebling and The Invaders (IL) The Eccentrics (TX)
Eccentrics (WA) The Echo(es) (FL) The Echoes of Carnaby Street (FL)
The Echomen (MN) Echos (OH) Echos (AL)
Eclectic Mouse (AZ) Ecology (TX/CA) Ecumenical Drugstore (FL)
Eddie and The Showmen (CA) Eden's Children (MA) The Edge (CA)
Edge of Darkness (NY) Edge of Freedom (?) Jim Edger and The Roadrunners (OK)
Edgewood (TN) Edgin' Inds (FL) The Edicates (OH)
Edison Electric Band (PA) Bob Edmund (NY) Edsels (?)
George Edwards and Friends (IL) Jonathan Edwards (MA) Jack Eely and The Courtmen (OR)
18th Century Concepts (CA) The Eighteenth Edition (NC) The Eight Feet (?)
The Eighth Day (?) 808 Ridge (PA) 8th Wonders (Of The World) (NY)
8th Wonders Of The World (?) Damin Eih, A.L.K. and Brother Clark (MN) Elastic Prism (TX)
The Elastik Band (CA/AZ) El Campo Jades (TX) Billy Elder (CA)
Elderberry Jak (WV) The Elders (OH) The Electras (MN)
Electras (NH) The Electrical Banana (VA/Vietnam) The Electric Church With Sonny Salsbury (?)
The Electric Company (CA) The Electric Firebirds (?CA) The Electric Flag (IL)
Electric Hair (TN) Electric Junkyard (NY) Electric Love (TX)
Electric Piano Playground (?) The Electric Prunes (CA) The Electric Screwdriver (TN)
Electric Toilet (TN) Electric Tomorrow (?CA) Electric Train (CA)
Electrified People (?) The Electro Magnetic Flowerseed (?SC) Electromagnets (TX)
The Electronic Concept Orchestra (?) An Electronic Odyssey (?) - see Mort Garson (?). Elephant (?CA)
Elephant's Memory (NY) The Elftone (CA) The Elite (TX)
The Elite U.F.O. (KY) Elizabeth (PA) Ellie Pop (MI)
Steve Elliot (NY) Ron Elliott (CA) Ellis and Lynch (?)
Steve Ellis (MN) - see The Starfires (and Steve Ellis) (MN). Elmer City Rambling Dogs (PA) The Elopers (CO)
The Elusives (PA) Elysian Field (KY) The Embermen Five (ND)
The Embers (NC) The Emblems (MI) The Emblems (PA)
Emergency Crew (CA) The Emergency Exit (WA) Emerson's Old Timey Custard-Suckin' Band (?)
Emmaus Road Band (NJ) Emotions (FL) (Original) Emotions (?)
The Emperor's (CA) The Emporium (IA) The Empty Set (MN)
Enchanters 4 (IL) The End (IL) The End (MA)
The Endd (IN) The Endless (OH) Endle St Cloud (TX) - see under 'S'.
The Enemys (CA) The Energy Package (NY) The Enfields (DE)
Butch Engle & The Styx (CA) The Englishmen (?) The English Muffins (VA)
The English Setters (DC>VA) John English III (CA) Enoch Smoky (IA)
Entourage Music and Theatre Ensemble (?) The Epics (CA, L.A.) The Epics (OH)
The Epics (CA, Walnut Creek) The Epics (FL) Epic Splendor (?)
The Epicureans (MN) Epiks (OH) - see Opus IV/Epiks (OH). Epitome (NY)
Era of Sound (NM) Wendy Erdman (?) Eric (OH)
Mark Eric (?) Eric and The Norsemen (KS) Erik (?MA)
Erik and The Smoke Ponies (NY) Ernie and The Emperors (CA) Ernies Funny's (CA)
ESB (CA) The Escapades (TN) The Escorts (IA)
The Escorts (VA) Esko Affair (PA) Esperanza Encantada (IL)
The Esquires (TX) The Esquires (MO) The Esquires (FL)
The Esquires (AR) The Esquires (MA) The Essentials (NY)
The Estes Brothers (OH) Gene Estribou - Jean-Paul Pickens (CA) ETC. (?)
Eternal Savings and Trust Company (MA) Eternity's Children (MS>LA>CA>TN) Ethics (WI)
The Ethics (WA) The Ethix (CA) The E-Types (CA)
Euclid (ME) Euphoria (?) Euphoria (CA/TX)
Euphoria (WI) Euphoria (CO) The Euphoria's Id (ME)
Euphorian Railway (NY) - see The Individuals (NY). Rusty Evans (NY>CA) Eve (?CA)
Even Dozen Jug Band (MA) Keith Everett (?) Ever-Green Blues/Evergreen Blues (CA)
The Evergreen Blueshoes (CA) Everpresent Fullness (CA) Everyday People (?)
Everyday Things (CA) Everyman (OH) Every Mother's Son (NY)
Everything Is Everything (NY) Evil (FL) Evil Encorporated (WV)
The Evil I (PA) The Excels (TX) The Excels (MI)
The Ex-cels (NY) Excentrics (TN) The Exception(s) (IL)
Exchequers (WI) The Executioners (OH) The Executioners (MD)
The Executives (?) The Exkursions (IL) The Exotics (TX)
The Experimental Blues Band (OH) The Express (OK>OR) Eyes (OH, Cleveland)
Eyes (OH, Parma) Eyes (CT) Denny Ezba (TX)
Ezekiel (WA)


The F.a.b. Company (CO) The Fab Four (MO) The Fabs (CA)
The Fabulous Apostles (KS) The Fabulous Batchelors (OK) The Fabulous Depressions (MN)
Fabulous Pack (MI) The Fabulous Pharaohs (DE) The Fabulous Prophets (TN)
The Fabulous Wunz (NC) Facedancers (?) Faces In The Crowd (OH)
The Factory (CA) The Factory (IL) Facts of Life (PA)
Facts of Life (TX) Faine Jade (MA) Fairchild (?)
The Fairviews (CA) The Falconaires (CO) Falcons (NY)
The Fallen Angels (MD) Fallen Angels (NY) The Famen (Faman) (GA)
Family (IL) Family (WI) Family of Apostolic (NY)
Family Times Band (VA) Family Tree (CA) Tyler Famularo (WI)
The Fanatics (TX) Fancy (CT) Merrell Fankhauser (CA/HI)
Fantasia (CA) The Fantastic Dee-Jays (PA) Fantastic Zoo (CO>CA)
Fantasy (FL) Fanz (FL) Fapardokly (CA)
The Far Cry (MA) Fargo (UT) Glenn Faria
Richard Farina (NY) Farm (CA) Farm (IL)
The Farm Band (TN) Lee Farmer (AL) Michael Farneti (FL)
The Faros (WI) Farquahr (MA) JW Farquhar (PA)
Pat Farrell and The Believers (PA) Cyrus Faryar (CA) The Fastells (MI)
Fat (MA) Fat City (?) Fate (ME)
Father Pat Berkery (MO) - see under 'B'. Father Yod & The Spirit of '76 (CA) - see Ya Ho Wha 13 (CA). The Fatimas (CA)
Fat Water (IL) Faun (CA) Didi Favreau (?NY)
Fax (WI) F.B.I. (Four Boys Incorporated) (CA) - see Band Of Wyndand (CA). Fear Itself (GA>NY)
The Fearsome Five (TX) Feather (?CA) Feather Da Gamba (LA)
The Feathers (?) Federal Duck (PA) Feebeez (NM)
The Feelies (WA) The Feenjon Group (NY) Fe-Fi Four Plus 2 (NM)
The Felicity (TX) Felt (AL) The Feminine Complex (TN)
Fenner, Leland & O'Brien (NY) The Fentons (MI) The Fenways (PA)
Fenwyck (featuring Jerry Raye) (CA) Ferguson Tractor (?) Feris Wheel (MI)
Lawrence Ferlinghetti (CA) The Ferraris (MN) The Ferris Wheel (IN)
Johnny Fever (?) Fever Tree (TX) The Few (IL)
The Fewdle Lords (IN) Fields (CA) W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band (CA) - see 'W'.
Mike Fiems (AZ) 15:60:75 - The Numbers Band (OH) Fifth Avenue Band (NY)
The 5th Avenue Buses (?) The Fifth Estate (NY) Fifth Flight (?)
Fifth Generation (IA) The 5th Generation (MA) Fifth Order (OH)
The Fifth Row Back (OR) The Fifth Union (IL) Fifty Foot Hose (CA)
Figures of Light (NJ) Filet of Soul (WI>IL) The Final Solution (CA)
Finch (WI) Finchley Boys (IL) Finders Keepers (CA)
Pete Fine (NY/AZ) The Finestuff (PA) Fine Wine (CA)
Fingletoad & Strange (and Siho) (IL) Fink Muncx IX (OH) Emmett Finley (CT)
Mike Finnegan and The Surfs (?) Finnigan and Wood (KS) Finnigans Wake (PA)
Finnicum (TX) Fire (?) Fire and Brimstone (VT)
Fire and Ice (IA) Fire and Ice Ltd. (CA) Fire & Snow (?)
The Firebirds/The 31 Flavors (CA) The Fire Escape (CA) Firesign Theatre (?)
1st Century (TN) First Chips (IL) First Crow To The Moon (NY)
First Friday (IN) The First Four (PA) 1st National Band (?TN)
First Revelation (NY) Ernie Fischbach and Charles Ewing (CA) David Fishel (PA)
Wild Man Fischer (CA) Fish 'N' Chips (NJ) Jef Fisk (MI)
The 5 (AL) The Five (?) The Five Americans (TX)
Five Bucs/Bucks (MI) Five By Five (5X5) (AR) Five Canadians (TX)
The 5¢ Stamp (AL) The Five Empressions/The Five Emprees (MI) Five Hungry Men (PA)
Five Kinetics (MI) - see Kinetic Energy/Kinetics/The Five Kinetics (MI). Five More (CA) Five of a Kind (TX)
Five of Us (AZ) The Five # Grin (CA) Sonny Flaharty and The Mark V (OH)
The Flamin' Groovies (CA) Tommy Flanders (NY) The Flares (PA)
Flash and The Casuals/Flash and The Board Of Directors (TN) Flat Earth Society (MA) Flavor (MD)
Flight (OH) Floating Bridge (WA) The Floating House Band (CA)
The Floating Opera (MI) The Flock (IL) Flood (NY)
Florida Deep Six (FL) - see Deep Six (FL). The Flow (NY) The Flower Children (CA)
Flower Of Purple (CA) The Flower Pot (CA) The Flower Power (MS)
Flower Power (FL) Flowers, Fruits and Pretty Things (MI) The Flowerz (PA)
Floyd and Jerry (AZ) Fluff (?) The Fluid Ounces (NC)
Fly-Bi-Nites (GA) The Flying Caravettas (?OH) Flying Circus (CA)
Flying Circus (AZ) The Flying Dogs Of Jupiter (NJ) The Flying Giraffe (?)
Flying Karpet (US>Mexico) The Flys (VA) Flywheel (MI)
Foamy Brine (TX) Fogcutters (CO>CA) The Foggy Notions (IL)
Foley and Kavanaugh (AZ) The Folkswingers (CA) Follies Bazaar (RI)
Followers Of The Way (MA) Folly's Pool (CA) Robert Lester Folsom (GA)
The Fonograf Four (?) Food (IL) Footch Kapoot (WI)
The Footprints (NY) Delvin Ford (TX) Jim Ford (LA>CA)
Neal Ford & The Fanatics (TX) Ford Theatre (MA) The Foremost Authority (CA) - see The Fourmost Authority (CA).
Forgotten Tymes (IL) Formerly Anthrax (CA) Formula (?CA)
Forsaken (?NY) The Fort Mudge Memorial Dump (MA) The Fortune Seekers (CA)
Fortune-Teller (MD) The 49th Blue Streak (LA) 42nd Street Auxiliary Choir (?)
Forum (WA) The Forum (CA) Forum Quorum (NY)
The Forums (OH) Forvus (featuring Brooke Chamberlain) (FL) The Foul Dogs (NH)
Founder's Annex Ltd. (PA) The Fountain of Youth (TX) The Fountain of Youth (TN)
4 (TN) The Four (OH) Four Fifths (NY)
The Four Gents (MI) Four In The Morning (?) The Four Letter Words (FL)
4 Making Do (CA) Four More (TX) The Fourmost Authority (CA)
The Four O'Clock Balloon (OH) The Four Of Us (4 Of Us) (MI) The IV Pak (VA)
Four Real (?) The Four Speeds (TX) 4 Score (?NY)
The 4th Amendment (GA) 4th Cekcion (TX) Fourth Dimension (NY)
Fourth Way (?CA) The Four Wheels (IN) Kim Fowley (CA)
Lance Fox and The Bloodhounds (NY) Fox and The Huntah's (AL) Foxx (?)
Fraction (CA) Framework (CA) Francisco (CA)
Joe Frank and The Knights (MS) The Alan Franklin Explosion (FL) Franklin & Hayes (?OH)
Frantic Freddie and His Reflections (PA) The Frantics/Frantic (MT>NM>CO>CA) The Fraternity of Man (CA)
The Fraternity Of Man (OH) The Freak Scene (NY) Freaky Billy (CA)
Fred (PN) The Fredric (MI) Freddy & The Jades (TX) - see El Campo Jades (TX).
The Free (MI) Free Agency (?) The Freeborne (MA)
Free Design (NY) Nat Freedland (CA) Freedom Express (PA)
Freedom Five (IL) The Freedom Highway (CA) Free Flight (?)
The Free For All (Canada/NY/CA) Shane Freeman (?IN) Freeman Sound (OH)
Freeport (OH) Free Reign (KY) Free Spirits (NY)
Free Thinkers (Canada/NY) Freeways (?) The Freeways (CA)
Free Will (?) Freight Train (PA) The French Church (MI)
French Lick (CA) Fresh Air (CA) Fresh Air (OH)
Fresh Blueberry Pancake (PA) Friar Tuck (CA) Friar Tuck And The Merrymen (MO)
Friar Tuck & Monks (KS) Friedles (NJ) Ruthann Friedman (CA)
Friend and Lover (IL) The Friendly Torpedos (CA) Friendship (MN/ND)
Friends of The Family (DE) Friendsound (CA) Frijid Pink (MI)
Froggie Beaver (NE) Frogs (NY) Frolk Haven (CA)
From Britain With Beat (?) Ethan Frome and Then Some (?) Front Line (CA)
Front Office (?CA) The Front Page News (OK) The Front Page Review (MA)
Front Porch (?) The Fronts (TX) Frost (IL)
Frost (MI) Max Frost and The Troopers (CA) Thomas and Richard Frost (CA)
Frumious Bandersnatch (CA) Frummox (TX) Frut (of The Loom) (MI)
The Fugatives (IL) The Fugitives (TX) The Fugitives (MI, Birmingham)
The Fugitives (MI, Lansing) The Fugitives (VA) The Fugitives (NY)
The Fugitives (PA) The Fugitives (GA) The Fugitives (Bill Allan and) (WI)
The Fugs (NY) Fuji (?) Bobby Fuller Four (TX>CA)
Fumin' Humins (MA) The Fun and Games (Commission) (TX) Funkadelic (MI)
Jesse Furlough (NV) The Furniture (IL) Furniture Store (?) - see Northern Front (?).
Fuse (IL) Fusion (CA) Future Shock (?)
Fuzzy Bunnies (NY)


Gables (MA) Gabriel Gladstar (CA/WA) GalaBooChes (IN)
Galactus (PA) The Galaxies (WA) The Galaxies IV (NJ)
Galaxy (FL) Galaxy Generation (?) Tony Galla & The Rising Sons (NY)
Gallery (MI) Gallery Production (CA) Gallows (IA)
James Galyon (VA) The Gamble Folk (?) Game (FL)
Gamma Goochee (?) Gandalf (NY) Gandalf The Grey (NY)
Gandharva (CA) The Gang (MI) The Gang of Saints (GA)
The Gants (MS) Jerry Garcia (CA) Jerry Garcia and Howard Wales (CA)
Garden Club (CA) Kossie Gardner (?) Jason Garfield (?)
Gale Garnett (CA) Kyle Garrahan (MA) Mort Garson (?)
Juliana Garza (?) The Gas Company (WA) Gas Co./Gas Company (CA)
The Gaslite Village (NY) Gas Mask (NY) Gass Co. (PA)
The Gas Station (IL) The Gatormen (WA) The Gators (TN)
Gatsby (PA) The Gauchos (CA) - see Jim Doval and The Gauchos (CA). Jonna Gault and Her Symphonopop Scene (?)
The Gaunga Dyns (LA) The Gears (OH) Arthur Gee (CO/CA)
Joey Gee and The Come-Ons (MI) Johhny Gee Men (OK) - see under 'J'. The Geers (?)
The Gee Tee's (GA) General Elektrik (?) The Generals (NC)
The Generation Gap (FL) The Generation Gap (CA) The Generations (?)
Genesis (OR) Genesis (CA) Genesis with Maryann Farra (?)
Geneva Convention (?) The Gentlemen (TX) The Gentle'Men (?MI)
The Gentlemen Wild (OR) Gentle Reign (CA) Gentle Soul (CA)
The Gentrys (TN) Gentrys (CA) The Gents (UT)
The Gents (Bermuda) The Gents Five (FL) Geoffrey (VA)
Jimmy George (CA) Sidney George (?) George-Edwards (MI)
The Georgetown Medical Band (TX) George Washington Bridge (AZ) - see GWB (AZ). The Georgia Prophets (GA)
Geronimo Black (CA) The Gestures (MN) Geyda (MI)
Tom Ghent (?) Ghosters (MI) Giant Crab (CA)
Giant Jellybean Copout (NJ) The Giant Sunflower (CA) Gideon (?)
Gidians Bible (IN) The Gigolos (MA) Russ Giguere (CA)
Jimmy Gilbert (MI) John Gilbert/Meade River (KY) The Gillian Row (OH)
Gin Gillette (?CA) Ginger (MN) Ginger Valley (?TX)
Allen Ginsberg (?) The Girls (CA) Glad (CA)
Gladiators (OH) Gladstone (TX) Gladstone (CA, San Jose)
Gladstone (CA>LA) - see East Side Kids (CA). The Glass Bottle (NJ) The Glass Candle (WI)
Glass Family (CA) The Glass Harp (OH) Glass Menagerie (CA)
Glass Menagerie (PA) The Glass Onion (?) The Glass Opening (?)
Glass Prism (PA) Glass Sun (MI) The Glass Wall (OH)
The Glitterhouse (NY) Glory (TX) Glory (OH)
Glory (CA) Glory Road (AZ) Glory Rhodes (LA)
The Gnarly Beast (CA) Gnats (TX) G.N.P. (MD) - see Gross National Productions (MD).
Go-Betweens (NY) Godfrey (CA) God Squad (KY)
God Unlimited (?) Godz (NY) Gold (CA)
Gold (?) Barry Goldberg (IL) The Goldberg-Miller Blues Band (IL)
Goldebriars (CA) Lottie Golden (?) The Golden Catalinas (WI)
Golden Dawn (TX) The Golden Gate (PA/NY) Goldenrod (CA)
Golden Throat (HI) Goldrush (?CA) The Goldtones (featuring Randy Seol)
Golgotha (NJ) Goliath (IN) Goliath (PA)
Golliwogs (CA) Gollum (IL) Gonn (IA)
The Go-Nuts (NY) Good and Plenty (?) Good Cheer (IN)
Good Dog Banned (CA) Good Earth (?MI) Good Earth Trio (NC)
Goodees (TN) Good Feelins (CA) The Good Idea (MN)
The Goodies Galore (TX) Good News (NM) Good News (?)
The Good Rats (NY) Good Soil (IN) The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (TX)
Good Thunder (CA) The Goodtime Music Company (CA) Goose Creek Symphony (AZ)
Gordian Knot (MS>CA) Jimmy Gordon (CA) Jon Gordon (?)
Gord's Horde (WI) The Gospel (?) Gospel Oak (?)
Gossip (AZ) Gove (?TX) Symon Grace and Tuesday Blues (PA)
Graced Lightning (IL) The Graduates (?) Don Grady (CA) - see Don Agrati (CA).
Graffiti (DC>NY) Graf Zepplin (IL) A Grain of Sand (?)
Grains of Sand (CA) Grains of Sand (PA) The Grains of Sand (OK)
The Grains of Sand (AL) Grand Larceny (IA) Grandma's Rockers (IA)
Grand Prees (PA) Grand Prees (?FL/AL) Grand Theft (WA)
Granfalloon (CA) - see The Laser Pace (CA). Granicus (OH) Granmax (MO)
Grant's Blueboys (OR) Grapes Of Rathe (PA) The Grapes of Wrath (TX)
The Grapes of Wrath (CA) Grapes of Wrath (AZ) The Grapes of Wrath (WI)
The Grass (?TX) Grasshoppers (OH) The Grass Roots (CA)
Grateful Dead (CA) Graven Image (TX) Nick Gravenites (IL>CA)
Jesse Graves (PA) Graveyard 5 (CA) The Gravity Adjusters Expansion Band (CA)
The Grayps (OH) The Gray Things (?NY) Great American Dream (?)
Great Bear (?) The Great Believers (TX) The Great Imposters (NE)
Great Jones (MA) Great Lakes (NY) Great Loose Band & OK Chorale (CA)
The Great Metropolitan Steam Band (?) The Great Society (CA) The Great Society (OH)
Great White Cane (CA) The Greek Fountains (LA) The Greek Fountain River Front Band (LA)
Green (TX) Green Apples Dirty (MI) Norman Greenbaum (MA>CA)
Green Beans (WI>CA) The Green Giants (NE) Green Lyte Sunday (OH)
Green Slime (?) Greenwood, Curlee and Clyde (MN) Greer (NC)
The Gregorians (OH) Dale Gregory and The Shouters (SD) The Gremlins (IL)
The Gremlins (IN) The Grey Stokes (DC) Griffin (?)
Griffin (CA) The Grifs (SC) The Grim Reaper (TX)
Grim Reapers (IL) The Grim Reepers (CA) Grinder's Switch (NY)
The Grodeck Whipperjenny (OH) The Grodes (Tongues of Truth/Spring Fever) (AZ) The Groop (OH)
The Groop (CA) Groop Ltd (NY) Grootna (CA)
The Groovie Goolies (?) Gross National Product (MD) Gross National Productions (NY)
The Grotesque Mommies (WA) Groundspeed (MA) The Group (IA)
The Group (OK) Group (MA, Andover) The Group (FL)
The Group (CA) Group Axis (NM>CA) Group "B" (CA)
Groupies (NY) The Groupies (?) The Group Image (NJ/NY)
Group Inc. (IN) Group Therapy (?) The Growing Concern (?)
Peter Grudzien (NY) Grump (?) The Gruve (MI) - see Tidal Waves (MI).
The Gs (TX) G.T.O's (Girls Together Outrageously) (CA) The Guerillas (CA)
Isaac Guillory (?) The Guilloteens (TN) Guise (MO)
Guitar Ensemble (NM) Guitar Factory (?) Gulliver (PA)
Gunhill Road (NY) Guns and Butter (MA) Sandy Gurley and The San Francisco Bridge
The Gurus (NY>CA) Margo Guryan (NY) El Gusano (TX)
Arlo Guthrie (?) Denny Guy (?) Guys Who Come Up From Downstairs (IA)
GWB (George Washington Bridge) (AZ) Gwydion (CA) Gye Whiz (CA) - see Dave Lamb and Gye Whiz (CA).
The Gypsies (TX) Gypsy (MN) Gypsy Boots (CA)
Gypsy Trips (OK>CA)


Bruce Haack (NY) Hackamore Brick (NY) Hackers (AL)
Rosemary Haddad (NJ) Jerry Hahn Brotherhood (CA) Haircuts (PA)
Hal and The Prophets (?) Half Pint and The Fifths (IL) The Half Tribe (PA)
The Hallmarks (NJ) Sammy Hall Singers (?) Sonny Hall (TX)
Bruce Hamana (?CA) The Hamilton Face Band (NY) Hamilton Peach (OH)
Hamilton Streetcar (CA) Hamlet (?) Hammer (CA)
Hammerhead (?) Paul Hampton (?) Hampton Grease Band (GA)
Gayle Haness (?) Lynn Haney (OH) The Hangmen (DC)
Hangmen of Fairfield County (CT) The Ha'Pennys (MA) The Happy Dragon-Band (MI)
Harbinger (MI) Harbinger Complex (CA) Hardin & Russell (TX>CA)
Tim Hardin (NY/MA) The Hardtimes (CA) Hard Times (DC)
Hard Times (AL) Hardwater (CO) Bob Hardy (MN)
Jack Hardy (NY) Harlequin (NY) Ray Harlowe and Gyp Fox (MN)
Arthur Lee Harper (?) Harper and Rowe (?) Harpers Bizarre (CA)
Joe Harriott Double Quintet (?) The Harrison Bob Harrison (?)
Shaun Harris (CA) Tony Harris (?) Mickey Hart (CA)
Harumi (?) Harvest Flight (CA) Tom Harvey (?)
Jimmy Haskell (CA) The Hassles (NY) Harley Hatcher (?)
The Hatchet Men (NY) Jeanne Hatfield (TX) The Hatfields (IN)
Richie Havens (NY) Havenstock River Band (?) Haymarket Riot (MI)
Haymarket Riot (OK) Haymarket Riot (CA) Haymarket Riot (Calvin James and) (MN)
Haymarket Square (IL) Bill Haymes (TX>MD) Haystacks Balboa (NY)
The Hazards (VA) The Hazards (OH) H.B. and The Checkmates (OR)
Head (?) - see Nik Raicevic (?). Jim Head And His Del Ray's (CA) Head and The Hares (MA)
The Headhunters (MI) Head Lyters (NY) Headlyters (?MI)
Head Over Heels (MI) Roy Head (and The Traits) (TX) The Heads (?)
The Head Shop (NY) Headstone (OH) Headstone Circus (DC)
The Headstones (TX, McAllen) The Heard (IL) The Heard (TX, Longview)
The Heard (NY) Heard (KS) Lindy Hearne (?)
The Hearsemen (MI) Heart (?) The Heart Attacks (VA) - see The Beachnuts (VA).
The Heartbeats (TX) Hearts and Flowers (CA) Hearts of Stone (?)
The Heathens (NY) Heather Black (TX) Heaven (NE)
Heaven and Earth (?) Heavy Balloon (NY) Heavy Cruiser (CA)
Heavy Feather (TN) The Heavy Metal Kids (MI) Dave Heenan Set (NY) - see Glitterhouse (NY).
The Heirs (OR) Heitkotter (CA) Helgeson/Scranton Band (OR)
The Hellers (CA) Harry Hellings and The Radials (CA) The Hello People (OH)
Help (CA) Help (CA, Citrus Heights) David Hemmings (CA)
The Henchmen (MI) The Henchmen (MD) The Henchmen VI (MI)
Hendrickson Road House (CA) Jimi Hendrix (WA>UK) Mark Henley (MN)
Henry Tree (OH) Henske & Yester (CA) Hentchmen (?NY)
John Herald (?) The Herd (DC) The Herde (?WI/?MO)
The Herdsmen (MS) Here Comes Everybody (OK) The Hermon Knights (MA) - see The Knights (MA).
Danny Hernandez & The Ones (MI) Heroes (CA) James Hersch & Tim Miller (MN)
The Carolyn Hester Coalition (NY) H.E.W. (TX) Hex (?)
Hexagon (MN) - see Second Edition (MN). Mark Heyes (CA) Paul Hibbets (GA)
Hi-Boys (AL) Hickory Hollow (CA) Hickory Wind (IN)
The Hides (PA) Gary Higgins (CT) Higher Elevation (CO)
High Hopes (CA) - see Hi Hopes (CA). The Highlifes (TX) High Numbers (IL)
The High Spirits (MN) High Treason (PA) Highway (MN)
Highway Robbery (CA) Kenneth Higney (NY>NJ) Hi Hopes (aka High Hopes) (CA)
Diane Hildebrand (?) Bunker Hill (DC) Joel Scott Hill (CA)
Thomas Hill (?) Hillow Hammet (DC) Hilss & Lablanc (MI)
Him (TX) The Hinge (WI) The Hinge (CA)
The Hippies (IL) Hip Sound (?) His Majesty's Coachmen (CA)
The Hitch-Hikers (MI) The Hitch-Hikers (IN) H.M.S. Bounty (CA)
H.M. Subjects (FL) Hobbits (NY) The Hobbits (?CA)
Hog Heaven (?) The Hogs (CA) Hoi' Polloi (IN)
Hoi Polloi (MO) Hokus Pokus (CA) Jon Holbrook Experience (?)
Randy Holden (CA) Danny Holien (MN) Randy Holland (NJ)
Hollins and Starr (?) Rex Holman (?CA) Jake Holmes (CA)
Holocaust (IL) The Holy Ghost Reception Committee No. 9 (NY) Holy Mackerel (CA)
The Holy Modal Rounders (NY) Holy Moses (NY) Bill Homans (MA) - see Merry Airbrakes (MA).
The Hombres (TN) Home Again (?) Homegas (IN)
Homer (TX) Homestead & Wolfe (CA) The Honey Jug (TN)
Honk (CA) The Hoodoo Rhythm Devils (CA) The Hook (CA)
D.R. Hooker Band (CT) Hootch (WI) The Hooterville Trolley (NM)
Hoover (?) Hoover High Stage Band (CA) Hope (MN)
Hope (WI) Hopi Klansmen (UT) Hopkins & Bradley (?)
Hopney (NY>FL) Hoppi and The Beau Heems (FL) Paul Horn (NY>CA)
Click Horning (NY) - see Click (NY). Horses (CA) Bill Horwitz (?)
Horton (MD) Hosanna (WI) Hot Coffee (CA)
The Hot Dogs (TN) Hot Dog Stand (?) Hot Flash (MA)
Hot Poop (CA) Hot Soup (FL) Hound Dog Clowns (?)
The Hour Glass (AL/CA) Household Sponge (NY) The House of Commons (MI)
House Of David (?TN) Houston Fearless (CA) Howl The Good (?)
H.P. Lovecraft (CA) The H.T. Three (H.T.3) (MN) The Huck Finn (NY)
Huckleberry Mudflap (NC) Tim Hudson (?) Hudson Brothers (OR)
Human Beings (MI) The Human Beinz (OH) The Human Equation featuring Jon Uzonyi (AZ>CA) - see Peacepipe (AZ>CA).
The Humane Society (CA) The Human Expression (CA) Human Jungle (CA) - see Quatrain (CA).
The Humans (NY) The Human Situation (PA) The Human Zoo (CA)
Ray Hummel III (MI) K.C. Humphrey (?) Humphrey and The Palookas (NY)
Hunger! (OR/CA) The Hungry I's (FL) Hungry Tiger (?)
Tom Hunnicutt (?) The Huns (IL) The Huns (NC)
The Huns (NY) Huns Of Time (WI) - see Attila and The Huns (WI). Hunt and Dunk (AZ)
The Huntsmen (MA) Michael Hurley (NY) The Hurricanes (OH) - see Johnny and The Hurricanes (OH).
Sandy Hurvitz (?) The Hush Puppies (CA) The Hustler's (IL)
The Hustlers (FL) The Hustlers (CA) The Hustlers (OH)
The Hustlers (PA) Danny Hutton (CA) Aldous Huxley (?)
Laura Huxley (?) Lee Hyatt (IN) Hydraulic Peach (PA)
The Hydraulic Raisins (CA) Hydro Pyro (NY) Hye Stars (WI/IL)
H.Y. Sledge (FL) Hysterical Society (TX) Hysterics (CA)


Frank Ianni (OH) Ice (IL) The Id (CA, Hollywood)
Id (MN) Id (CA, San Diego) The Id (?)
Ides' (DE) The Ides of March (IL) The Ides of March (MI)
Idle Few (IN) Idols (?) Iguana (MD)
The Iguanas (TX) The Iguanas (MI) The Iguanas (CA/Mexico)
Illinois Speed Press (IL) Illusion (NY) Illusion (HI)
The Illusions (MI) The Illusions (FL) The Illusions (AL)
The Illusions (IN) The Illusions (MA) Ill Wind (MA)
The Ill Winds (CA) Ilmo Smokehouse (IL) Iltar (PA)
Image (TX) The Immigrants (KS) The Impacs (FL)
Impact (?) Impact 5 (aka Impact IV) (MN) Impacts/Impact Express (OR)
(Fabulous) Impacts (NE) The Impalas (WI) Thee Impalas (CA)
Impala Syndrome (Venezuela>Spain>IL) The Implicits (CA) Improper Bostonians (MA)
The In (AL) Inca (CA) - see Maitreya Kali (CA). The Incident (NY)
Incredible Broadside Brass Bed Band (CT) The In Crowd (TX) The Incrowd (OH)
Indelible Inc. (?) Independence Hall (TX) Indescribably Delicious (CA)
Index (MI) Indian Puddin' and Pipe (WA>CA) The Individuals (VA)
The Individuals (NY) Industrial Image (TX) The Inexpensive Handmade Look (NC) - see The Counts IV (NC).
Infinite Companions (OH) - see Glenn Saiger (OH). The Infinite Pyramid (IL) Infinite Staircase (TX)
Influence (Canada>NY) The Ingredients (IL) The Initial Shock (MT)
The In-Keepers (?) The Inmates (NJ) Inn Crowd (LA)
The Inn Crowd (?NJ) Thee Inn Crowd (CA) Inner Dialogue (CA)
Inner Light (ND) Inner Lite (IA) Inner Sanctum (IL)
Inner Scene (TX) The Inner Thoughts (FL) The Innkeepers (CA)
The Innkeepers (NY) The Innocence (?) Innovation (NJ)
The Innsmen (MI) The Insane (CT) The In-Sect
The Insects (CA) The Insect Trust (NJ) The In-Sex (PA)
Inside Experience (OH) The Inside Out (IA) Instant Orange (CA)
The Instincts (CT) The Insurgents (CA) The Intercoms (CA)
Internal Canitery Sin (OH) International Bell (?) International Brick (WA)
The International Submarine Band (NY>CA) Interns (OH) The Interns (TX)
Tom Intondi (NY) The Intruders (AZ) The Intruders (TX)
The Intruders (MO) The Intruders (IL) Intruders 5 (TN)
The Invaders (VA) The Invaders (FL) The Invaders (NC)
Invaders (Bermuda) Invasion (WI) The Invictas (NY)
Iota (TX) I.R.A. (?) Iron Butterfly (CA)
The Iron Gate (PA) The Iron Gate (IL) Iron Horse (CA)
Iron Lung (IL) It's A Beautiful Day (CA) It's Them (OH)
It's Us (NJ) Ivan and The Sabers (OH) Peter Ivers (MA)
Ivory (CA) The Ivymen (MN)


The Jackals (TX) Jack and The Beanstalks (WI) Jack and The Rippers (TX)
The Jackasses (WA) Jackpine Savage (NY) John Roman Jackson (CA)
The Jackson Investment Co. (FL) Bob Jacobs (?) Robert Jacobs (?)
Jacobs Creek (?) Jacob's Ladder (CA) Jacob's Reunion (VT)
Jade (OH) Jade (CO) Jade (TX, Houston)
Faine Jade (MA) - see under 'F'. Jades (MI) Jades (TN)
The Jades (TX, Dallas) The Jades (MN) The Jades (on Holiday) (IN)
Jades (IL) The Jades of Fort Worth (TX) Jade Stone & Luv (TX/TN)
Jagged Edge (NY, Brooklyn) Jagged Edge (?MI/?OH) Jagged Edge (NJ)
Jagged Edge (?) The Jaggers/Jaggerz (PA) The Jaguars (CA, San Jose)
The Jaguars (CA, Los Angeles) The Jaguars (OH) Jaguars (AL)
Jaguars (MI) Jaim (?CA) Jake (WI)
Jake Jones (MO) The Jakes (MD) The Jam (?)
Steve Jam (?) The Jam Band (NH) Graham James (NE)
Jay James (?) Michael J. James (?CA) Tommy James and The Shondells (MI>PA)
Bobby Jameson (CA) Jamison (TX) Jammë (CA)
The Jammers (MI) Jamra (CA) Jamul (CA)
Jan & Lorraine (?) Janey and Dennis (CA) January Tyme (?)
Cook E. Jarr (?) Rick Jarrard (CA) Jarvo Runga (NJ)
Jasper Wrath (CT) Robby Jay (WA) Jay Hawkers (MI)
J. C. & The B's (PA) J.D. Rogues (NJ) Jeanie, Jim, Tom And Bill (MN)
The Jeans (KS) Jefferson Airplane (CA) Jefferson Hankerchief (CA)
Jefferson Lee (CA) - see under 'L'. Jekyl and The Hydes (MO) Jellow Buzzard (PA)
The Jelly Bean Bandits (NY) Jeremiah (NY) Jeremiah (NC)
Jeremiah (?) Jeremy & The Satyrs (?) The Jerks (AL)
The Jerms (KS) Bill Jerpe/Hjerpe (NY) Jerry and The Gems (NY)
Jerry and The Others (OH) Jerry and The Playmates (OK) Jesse J. and The Bandits (MN)
Jesse, Wolff and Whings (CA) Glen Jester and The Mersey Men (OH) The Jesters (KS)
The Jesters (TN) The Jesters (FL) The Jesters IV (FL)
Jesters of Newport (CA) Jesus Generation (TX) The Jet Stream (?)
Tommy Jett (TX) J.H. and The Esquires (OH) Jim & Dale (PA)
Jim & Jean (?) Jimmy and The Offbeats (LA) J.K. & Co. (NV)
J. Michael and The Bushmen (OR) Joe & Bing (MA) Joey and The Continentals (OH)
Joey and Time Machine (MD) John and Gunther (OH) John Bunyan's Progressive Pilgrims (?)
John Eric & The Isosceles Popcicles/Popsicles (LA) Johnny and The Hurricanes (OH) Johnny and The Nite Ryders (GA)
Johnny Gee Men (OK) Johnnys Uncalled Four (OH) Mike Johnson (?)
Randy Johnson (?) Johnson & Drake (?) Joint Effort (TX, McAllen)
Joint Effort (TX>CA) The Jokers Wild (MN) Jolliver Arkansas (?)
Pete Jolly (?) The Jolly Beggars (?) The Jolly Green Giants (OR)
Jon & Jodi (DE) Jon and Robin (TX) Jonathan & Charles (VA)
Jonathan and Leigh (NY) Andy Jones (?) Del Jones' Postive Vibes (PA)
George M. Jones (TX) Jerry Jones (?) E. Rodney Jones and The Prairie Dogs (NY) - see King Harvest (NY).
Joneses (MA) Jones Family Band (MI) Marc Jonson (?)
Joplin Forte (CA) Mark Jorg (OR) Josefus (TX)
Joseph (TN) Ernie Joseph (CA) Joshua (?TX)
Joshua (CA) Joshua Dyke (FL) Joshua Fox (CA)
The Journey Back (VA) Josie's Castle (?) The Journey Men (OH)
Journey Of Persephone (PA) Jove (CA, Los Angeles) Joy (LA)
Joy (CA, San Gabriel) Joy (CT) Joy (VA)
Joyfull Noise (?) Joyful Noise (?) The Joyful Noise (WA)
The Joyful Noise (FL) Joy Of Cooking (CA) Joyride (CA) - see Friendsound (CA).
The Joyride (?CA) The Joys of Life (IN) JPT Scare Band (MO)
Jr. & His Soulettes (OK) J. Rider (IN) - see Anonymous (IN). J. Teal Band (SC)
Juarez (CA) Judge 'N' Jury (?) The Judges (AL)
The Ju-Ju's (MI) Jimmy Jukebox (?CA) Jukin' Bone (NY)
Juletta's Valiants (OH) Julius Victor (?NY) Jungle (?)
Roy Junior (TN) Skip Juried (NY) Just VI (CA)
Just Too Much (CA) Just Luv (MI) Just Us (MN)
Just Us (MI) Just Us (NY) The Juveniles (OK>OR)
Jynx (TN)


Kack Klick (NY) Steve Kaczorowski (NY) Kai-Ray and Crew (MN)
Kak (CA) Kalapana (HI) Kaleidoscope (CA)
Maitreya Kali (CA) Stephen John Kalinich (?) Mickey Kalis and The Bakersfield Blues Band (OH)
Kallabash Corp. (NC) Kama Del Sutra (MN) The KanDells (MN)
Kan-dels (?) The Kandy Kolored Konspiracy (TX) Kane's Cousins (FL)
Kangaroo (DC) Kansas City Jammers (OH) Kantones (OH)
Kaper (IL) The Kaplan Brothers (IL) Allan Kaprow (NY)
The Kards (AR) The Karpetbaggers (CA) Kartune Kapers (NM)
The Kasenetz Katz Singing Orchestral Circus/Supercircus (NY/OH) Kasper (MO) The Kasuals (IL)
Katmandu (FL) Kath (MD) - see Badge (MD). Katz Kradle (MA)
Peter Kaukonen/Black Kangaroo (CA) Thee Kavaliers (TX) Jimmy Kaye and The Coachmen (IA)
Richard Keelan (MI) The Kee-Notes (CA) The Keepers (NY)
The Keggs (MI) Keith (PA) Barbara Keith (MA>NY)
Milton Kelley (CA) Peter Kelley (?) Todd Kelley (?)
Kelts (MS) Dick "Wilde Childe" Kemp (OH) Kempy and The Guardians (TX)
Ken & The Fourth Dimension (CA) Rich Kendall (WI) Dave Kennedy and The Ambassadors (WI)
Kennélmus (AZ) Kenny and The Friends (CA) Kenny and The Kammotions (TX/LA) - see Kenny Wayne and The Kammotions (TX/LA).
Kenny and The Kasuals (TX) Kensington Forest (CA) Ken Kesey (CA)
Keith Kessler (WA) Kerryon (CT) Kevin & Clare (DE)
The Keyes/Keys (KY) The Keymen (NM) Khazad Doom (IL)
Kickland and Johnson (NE) Kicks (MS) Kicks Inc. (OH)
The Kidds (MA) The Kidds (NM) The Kidds (TX)
Kid Dynamite (CA) Kids (NY) Pat Kilroy (CA/NY)
Kim and Grim (CA) Kim and The Characters (?) Kindred (CA)
Lisa Kindred (MA) Kindred Souls (CA) Kindred Spirit (PA)
Kinetic Energy/Kinetics/The Five Kinetics (MI) Charlie King (MA) Denny King (CA)
Ronnie King and The Passions (PA) King Arthur's Quart (PA) The King Bees (NY)
The King Bees (NC) The King Biscuit Entertainers (OR) King David and The Slaves (GA)
Kingdom (CA) King Harvest (NY>UK/France) King James and The Royal Jesters (WV)
King Krusher and The Turkeynecks (MN) King Lizard (?) King Richard and The Knights (NM)
The Kings (TX) The Kings Court (MI) King's English (KS)
King's English (OH, 1) King's English (OH, 2) The Kingsmen (OR)
Kings Ransom (PA) King's Road (?) Kings Verses (CA)
Kingtones (Dave Roberts and) (MI) Kiriae Crucible (WI) - see Crucible(s) (WI). Rob Kirk and The Word (MI)
Russ Kirkpatrick (CO) Kit and The Outlaws (TX) The Kitchen Cinq (CA)
Taylor Kitchings (MS) Kit Kats (PA) Klansmann (KS)
Carol Kleyn (CA) Mark Klingman (NY) The Klowns (?NY)
Knack (CA) The Knaves (IL) The Knickerbockers (NJ>CA)
Terry Knight and The Pack (MI) Knight Riders (CA) The Knights (aka The Hermon Knights) (MA)
Knight's Bridge (TX) Knights Bridge Quintet (TX) The Knights 5 + 1 (?)
The Knightsmen (IN) The Knights Of Darkness (GA) Knights Of Day (NE)
Knights Of Day (CA) The Knowbody Else (AR) The Koala (NY)
The Koffee Beans (MD) Dean Kohler (VA) Kollektion (FL)
The Kolor Korporation (FL) The Kommotions (TX) The Koo Krew (?TN)
Al Kooper (NY) Kopperfield (MI) The Kords (?FL)
The Artie Kornfeld Tree (NY) K-otics (AL) Louie Kotva (IL)
The K-pers (AL) Kracker-Barrel Komplex (IL) Kreed (MN)
The Kreeg (NM) Kristyl (KY) The Krums (IL)
The Krystal Tones (IL) The Bob Kuban Explosion (MO) Kubla Khan (TX)
Robb Kunkel (CO) Tuli Kupferberg (NY) Kusudo & Worth (CA)
Jim Kweskin Jug Band (MA) Kyks (MO) The Kynd (NJ)


Ken LaBrie (?) Wayne Lacadisi (GA) Lacewing (OH)
Gaylan Ladd (TX) The Ladds (WI) Lady and The Tramps (MN)
The Ladybugs (VA) Ned Lagin and Phil Lesh (CA) Lamb (CA)
Lamb (?) Dave Lamb and Gye Whiz (CA) Lambert & Nuttycombe (CA)
Paul Lamont (CA) Lamp Of Childhood (CA) J.J. Lancaster (OK)
Lance Romance (CA) The Lancers (Panama) The Landlords (MA)
Landslide (NY) Tony Lane & The Fabulous Spades (?) David Lannan (CA)
Laramie (?) Larry and The Blue Notes (TX) Larry and The Loafers (AL)
Larry & Myra (?) - see Alien Nation (Larry And Myra) (?). Larry and The Paper Prophets (?NY) Lyn La Salle (MN)
Laser Pace (CA) Last Call Of Shiloh (ID) The Last Days (TX)
The Last Draft (WI) The Last Five (?) Last Friday's Fire (AZ) - See (Mike) Condello (AZ).
Last Friday's Fire (AZ) - See Lynn Castle with Last Friday's Fire (AZ). Last Knight (IL) Last Nikle (?)
The Last Ritual (?) Last Times (OH) The Last Word (NV)
Last Words (NYC>FL) James Late (NY) L.A. Teens (CA)
Latter Rain (?) The Laughing Kind (TX) Laughing Wind (CA)
Andy Lauren (OH) Lavender Country (WA) Lavender Hill Express (TX)
The Lavender Hour (TX) Arnie Lawrence and The Children of All Ages (NY) Lawson and Four More (TN)
The Laymen (?CA) The Laymen (FL) Lazarus (NY)
Lazy Day (IA) The Lazy Eggs (MI) Lazy Nickels (MI)
Lazy Smoke (MA) LCS and The Bishops Four (TX) The Leaping Ferns (CA)
Timothy Leary (MA/NY) The Leather Boy (aka Milan) - see Milan (NY). The Leathercoated Minds (CA)
Leather Pages (LA) The Leaves (CA) Leaves of Grass (MN)
Leaves of Grass (FL) Barry Lee and The Actions (OH) Billy Lee and The Rivieras (MI)
Frankie Lee (?) Jefferson Lee (CA) Terry Lee (PA)
The Left Banke (NY) Lefty and Leadsmen (PA) Legend (CO/CA)
The Legends (PA) The Legends (MI) The Legends (WI)
The Legions (PA) Jane Leichhardt (?) The Lemon Drops (IL)
Lemon Fog (TX) The Lemon Pipers (OH) Lemon Sandwich (NY)
Lenny & The Thundertones (MI) Leo and The Prophets (TX) Lend A Hand (FL)
Leon & Malia (HI) Leonda (?) Leopards (KS)
Perry Leopold (PA) Leslie's Motel Band (KY) Leviathan (TN)
Drake (Levin) (OR>CA) Mark LeVine (CA) Paul Levinson (NY)
The Levis (MA) Levitt and McClure (CA) The Lewallen Brothers (AZ)
The Lewis and Clarke Expedition (TX) David Lewis (?) Roger Lewis and The Moondawgs (NY)
The Lexington Project (MI) Liberation News Service (PA) Jeff Liberman (IL)
The Liberty Bell (TX) Liberty Lads (CA) The Liberty Party (WA)
The Liberty Street Ferry (?) Licorice Schtik (NY) The Lidos (CO)
Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box (NY) Lift (LA) Light (CA)
Enoch Light (?) J.J. Light (CA) Aaron Lightman (PA)
Lightmyth (CA) Lightnin' (MI) Lightning/White Lightning (MN)
The Light Nites (IL) Light Rain (CA) - see Douglas Adams (CA). Lil' Boys Blue (aka Little Boys Blue) (CA)
Lily and Maria (NY) Lime (OH) Lime Frost (MI)
Limey and The Yanks (CA) The Limits (PA) Lincoln Park Zoo (IL)
The Lincolns (WA) Lincoln St. Exit (NM) Bob Lind (CO>CA)
Dennis Linde (?) James Calhoun Lindsay Band (?) Mark Lindsay (OR)
Lines End (WI) Buzzy Linhart (NY) Bob Linkletter (CA)
Links (NV) Linn County (IA>IL>CA) Lion and The Leprechauns (WI/IL)
Lionhart (TX) Liquid Blue (TX) Liquid Smoke (NY)
Listening (MA) Lite Storm (CA) The Litter (MN)
Ken Little (IL) (A) Little Bit of Sound (CA) The Little Bits (LA)
Little Bits of Sound (NY) The Little Boy Blues (IL) Little Caesar and The Conspirators (MN)
Little John and The Monks (OR) Little John And The Sherwoods (MA) Little John and Tony (MI)
Little Phil and The Night Shadows (GA) - see The Night Shadow(s) (GA). Little Rock Coachmen (AR) - see Coachmen (AR). Little Willie and The Adolescents (FL)
The Live Five (OR) Liverpool Five (UK>WA) The Liverpools (?TX)
The Liverpools (PA) The Livers (IL) Live Wires (NY)
The Live Wires (PA) The Living Children (CA) The Livin' End (TX, Burkburnett)
The Livin' End (TX, Abilene) The Livin' End (IL) The Livin' End (OH)
Liv'in End (?) Livin End (LA) Livin' End (NJ)
Livin' End (NY, Rochester) Livin' End (OH, Columbus) Livin' Ends (CO)
Livin' Ends (NY) Livin(') Ennd (NY) The Living End (NY, Brooklyn)
Living End (CA, Sacramento) Living End (?) The Living End (?)
Living End (CA, Los Angeles) The Living Ends (NJ, Patterson) The Living Example (?AL)
The Living Legends (?) Living Sacrifice (WA) Load (OH)
The Loading Zone (CA) Loading Zone (OH) Loadstone (NV)
Locksley Hall (?WA) Locomotive (WA) Lode Star (TX)
Logos (KS) The Lollipop Fantasy (?) The Lollipop Shoppe (NV>OR)
The Lollipop Tree (?NY) Robb London (and The Rogues) (TX) London and The Bridges (NY)
London Fog (IA) The London Knights (CA) London Phogg (NV)
Londons (NC) London Taxi (WA) The London Teens (LA)
Long Island Sound (NY) Long Island Sounds (CT) Long John and The Silvermen (IL)
Long Time Comin' (IN) Lonnie and The Legends (CA) The Looking Glass (CA)
The Loose Ends (TX) The Loose Ends (CT) Loose Enz (PA)
Alan Lorber Orchestra (MA) Lord & The Flies (IL) Lord August and The Visions of Life (TX)
Lord Beverley Moss and The Moss Men (WI) Lord Led (CA) Lord Sitar (?)
Los Perdidos (PA) Lords (NJ) Lords (CA)
Lords (PA) The Lorey's (OH) Los Angeles Smog Division (TN)
The Lost (VT>MA) The Lost Agency (IL) Lost and Found (TX)
Lost Chords (AL) The Lost Generation (TX) The Lost Generation (FL)
The Lost Generation (LA) The Lost Legend (MA) Lost Nation (MI)
Lost Ones (PA) Lost Souls (AR) Lost Souls (OH)
The Lost Souls (?NY/?NJ) The Lost Souls (ND) The Lost Souls (RI)
The Lost Souls (MI) Lost Tribe (MD) Lothar and The Hand People (CO>NY)
Louie and The Leprechauns (KS) Louie and The Lovers (CA) The Lourds (MI)
Love (CA) The Love Band (KY) Lovechain (OH)
Love Corporation (OK) Lovecraft (CA) - see H.P. Lovecraft (IL>CA). The Loved Ones (TN)
The Loved Ones (?TN) The Love Exchange (CA) Love Flowers (?TX)
The Love Generation (CA) Love, Inc. (ME) The Love Ins (CA)
The Love Ins (?) Love Is A Heart-On (NY) Love Machine (?)
Lovers & Friends (MA) Love Sitars (?) The Love Society (WI)
Love Song (CA) Colleen Lovett (CA) The Lovin' Spoonful (NY)
Rob Lowery and The Rock Collection (WA) - see The Rock Collection (WA). Toby Ray Loyd (NJ) L.R.Y (NM)
LSD (?) LSD (?) Ted Lucas (MI)
Tom Lucas (NY) Chris Lucey (AZ>CA) - see Bobby Jameson (AZ>CA). Lucifer (NY)
Lucifer (?) Jack Lucking (MN) Lumbee (NC)
Lunar Madness (TX) Garrett Lund (CA) Mary Catherine Lunsford (CA)
The Luv Bandits (?NY) The Luv'd Ones (MI) Lyd (?CA)
The Lykes of Us (MI) Mike Lyman and The Little People (CA) Lyme and Cybelle (CA)
Lyn And The Invaders (MI) Kathy Lynn and The Playboys (NY) The Lynx (TX, Tyler)
Lynx (TX, Andrews) Lyonhill (NE) Jamie Lyons (OH)
The Lyrics (CA) Lyte (WA)


Bobby Mabe and The Outcast (TX) Macabre (VA) The Mach V (GA)
Larry Mack (TX) Bruce MacKay (?) Rabbit Mackay and The Somis Rhythm Band (CA)
Raun MacKinnon (PA/NY) The Madadors (WI) Mad Andy's Twist Combo (CA)
Mad Dog (CA) Mad Dog (MI) Mad Fables (NJ)
The Mad Hatters (MD) The Madhatters (MN) Madhouse (?)
The Madison Revue (TX) The Mad Lads (?AL) Mad Mike and The Maniacs (NY)
Madrigal (NJ) Mad River (OH>CA) Madson (IN)
Madura (IL) Maelstrom (OH) Maffitt/Davies (?)
Magi (IN) The Magi (FL) Magic (MI)
The Magic Circle (FL) Magic Fern (WA) The Magicians (NY)
The Magnificent Men (NY/PA) Magic Mushroom (CA) The Magic Mushrooms (PA)
The Magic Plants (NY) Magic Reign (VA) The Magic Ring (TX)
Magic Sand (?MS) Magic Sounds (AR) Magic Swirling Ship (IL)
Magill & Young (?CA) The Main Attraction (?) Tom Mahairas (NY)
Maitreya Kali (CA) - see under 'K' (Kali) (CA). The Maiyeros (CT) - see The Instincts (CT). Majestic (GA)
Majestics (?NC) Majic Ship (NY) Major Arcana (WI)
Majority of Six (OH) The Makers (?) Malachi (CA)
The Male (NC) Malibus (IL) The Malibus (CT)
The Malibus (GA) Lee Mallory (CA) The Maltees Four (CA)
Malt Shoppe Gang (MA) MAL-T'S (CA) The Mama Cats (MI)
Mama Lion (CA) The Mamas & The Papas (CA) Mammoth (TX)
Man (NY) The Manchesters (CA) Harvey Mandel (IL>CA)
The Man-Dells (CA) The Mandrake Memorial (PA) Mankind (TX)
Herbie Mann (?) Terry Manning (TN) Charles Manson (CA)
Manzanita Jungle (NV) Maranatha (NJ) The Marauders (CA)
The Marauders (MI) The Marauders (PA) The Marauders (WI)
The Marauders (IL) The Marauders (ME) The Marauders (MA)
Marble Cake (OH) Marble Collection (CT) Marble Phrogg (OK)
The Marbles (CA) Lydia Marcelle (CA) Marcia and The Lynchmen (MN)
Marcus (NY) Marcus (KY/IN) Robert Marcus (TX)
Steve Marcus (NY) Mardi Gras (?) Mariani (TX)
Mariano and The Unbelievables (?) Marjorine (TN) Mark and The Escorts (CA)
Marke V (NC) The Marketts (CA) Mark Five (Mark V) (WA)
Mark V (?) The Mark V (NY) The Mark Five (CA)
The Mark Five (OR) The Mark Four (CA) Mark IV (CT)
Mark IV (NY) Mark Markham and The Jesters (FL) Markley (CA)
Gary Marks (NY>CA) The Marlboros and The Jokers Six (?) The Marquis (MA)
The Marsadees (SC) Marshmallow Way (NY) The Marshmellow Highway (?)
Marshmellow Steamshovel (PA) Marshmellow Steamshovel (FL) Tom Martel (?)
Martians (NC) Bill Martin (CA) Bob Martin (MA)
Charles Martin (?) Dewey Martin and Medicine Ball (?) Paul Martin (NY)
The Mar-Vels (NH) Mary Butterworth (CA) Masada (?MA)
The Masked Marauders (CA) Mason (VA) Bonnie Jo Mason (CA)
Mason Creek (?) Mason Proffit (IL) The Mass (NY)
Mass (IL) Mass Temper (NC) Paul Masse (CA)
Masters of Deceit (IN>NY) The Masters of Stonehouse (MI) Mastin and Brewer (CA)
The Vince Mastro Quartet (OH) The Matadors (WI) The Matadors (CA) - see The Sinners (CA).
Donnie Matchett (PA) Michael Mathis And White Lightning (CA) Matrix (?)
Matrix (?WI) The Mauds (IL) The Maundy Quintet (FL)
The Mauve (MA) The Mavericks (NY) Max and I (NY)
Max Creek (CT) Maximillian (NY) Maxx (MI)
Alicia May (CA) Judy Mayhan (?) Maypole (MD)
May Street Tops (NC) The Maze (CA) Bob McAllen (MI)
Cash McCall (IL) David McCallum (CA) Bob McCarthy (MA)
James McCarthy (KS) Kathy McCord (NY/CA) The McCoys (IN)
Boyd McCoy (NY) McDonald & Sherby (MN) McDonald's Farm (CA)
MC5 (MI) Bat McGrath and Don Potter (?) Suni McGrath (?)
McGraw Bros (NJ) Roger McGuinn (CA) Barry McGuire (CA)
McKay (IN) Scotty McKay (TX) McKendree Spring (NY)
Scott McKenzie (CA) Billy Wade McKnight (TX) Billy McKnight and The Plus 4 (TX)
F.J. McMahon (CA) M.C.2/M.C. 2+/MC Squared (CA) Me (NJ)
Meade River (KY) - see John Gilbert/Meade River (KY). Meadow (NY) Me & Dem Guys (MI)
Me and Them Guys (IN) Me and The Other Guys (FL) Me and The Rest (CT)
The Measles (OH) Mechanical Switch (MO>TX) Mecki Mark Men (Sweden>USA)
The Medallions (IL/?WI) The Meditations (?) Medius (WI)
Melanie (NY) Mellow Brick Rode (NY) - see The Road (NY). Barry Melton (CA)
Melton, Levy and The Dey Brothers (CA) Tina & David Meltzer (CA) Mike Melvoin (CA)
Members (FL) The Menaces (AZ) The Menagerie (?)
Mendelbaum (Blues Band) (WI>CA) Menerals (TX) Menn (CA)
Mephistopheles (?) The Merced Blue Notes (CA) Mercy (FL)
The Mercy Boys (aka The Mersey Boys) (WA) Mer-Da (MS) - see Black Merda (MS). The Merging Traffic (AR) - see The Romans (AR).
Merkin (UT) The Merlynn Tree (TX) Merrell and The Exiles (CA)
Jerry Merrick (?) Merrie Motor Company (MI) Bobby Merritt (?)
Merry Airbrakes (MA) Merry Dragons (CA) Merry-Go-Round (CA)
Merryweather & Carey (CA) The Mersey Beats U.S.A. (KY) The Merseylads (UK>NY)
The Mersey Men (OH) Mersey Sounds (LA) The Mesmerizing Eye (CA)
The Messengers (WI) The Messengers (MN) Messengers And Good News (VT)
Metamorphosis (?) Metz (TX) Taro Meyer (?)
M.H. Royals (IL) Micah (NY) Michael (TX, Houston)
Michael (TX, Corpus Christi) Al Michael and The Medallions (SC) Michael and The Messengers (MA)
Michaelangelo (?) Michael Angelo (MO) Michaelo (?)
Lee Michaels (CA) Nancy Michaels (?) Michael's Mystics (MN)
Michele (CA) Mick and The Shambles (PA) Middle Earth (PA)
Middle Window (IL) The Mid-Knighters (WI) Midnight (IL)
The Mid-Night Sons (WA) Midknights (IA) Midnight Sam (IA)
Midnight Snack (CA) Thee Midniters (CA) Midwest (MN)
Jack Miffleton (OH) Mighty Manfred and The Wonderdogs (FL) Mij (NY)
(Mikes) Mijal & White (MI) Mike & The Ravens (VT) Mike's Messengers (MD)
Milan (The Leather Boy) (NY) Mile Ends (AZ) Buddy Miles Express (?)
Milk and Honey (IA) Milkwood Tapestry (NY) Millard and Dyce (MD)
The Millennium (CA) Stephen Miller (CA) The Steve Miller Band (CA>OR)
Miller Bros. (VA) Mill Valley Bunch (CA) Milwaukee Iron (CA)
Mind Distortions (IL) The Mind Expanders (NY) Mind Garage (WV)
The Mind's Eye (TX) The Mind's Eye (FL) Mindy and The Complex (?TN)
Minets (Of England) (MA) Minette (NY) Mike Mingo (OH)
The Minimum Daily Requirements (?) The Minitmen Minnesoda (MN)
Minnie and The Kneebones (CA) The Minority (FL) Minstrel String Guild (WA)
The Mint (TX) Mint Tattoo (?) The Minutemen (MA)
The Minute Men (TX) The Minute Men (FL) The Minutemen (CA)
Mirthrandir (NJ) The Misfits (MN) The Misfits (CA)
The Misfits (IN) The Mishaps (AL) Missing Links (FL)
Missing Links (MA) Missing Links (IL, Chicago) Missing Links (IL, Rockford)
The Missing Links (NY) Missing Links (FL) The Missing Links (TX)
Missing Lynx (OH) Missing Lynx (TN) The Mission (?)
The Mission Singers (?) Mississippi (CA) Mr. Christian (LA)
Mr. Flood's Party (NY) Mr. Lucky and The Gamblers (OR) Misters' Virtue (DC)
The Mistics (NY) Mistress (CA) The Misty Blues (IL)
Misty Wizards (MI) Billy Mitchel (NY) Chad Mitchell (?)
The Mixed Emotions (AL) Mixed Grill (CA) The Moanin' Glories (KS)
Moby Grape (CA) Mod and The Rockers (VA) Modds (MO)
The Modds (FL) The Models (?) Modern Folk Quartet (CA)
The Modern Sounds (?) The Mod 4 (?IL) Dan Modlin/Dave Scott (IN)
The Mods (TX) The Mods (TX) The Mods (OH, Toledo)
The Mods (MN) The Mods (NJ) The Mods (FL)
The Mods (OH, Mentor) The Mod VI (SC) The Modulation Corporation (TX)
Mogan David and His Winos (CA) - see under 'D'. Moguls (OR) Essra Mohawk (PA>CA)
The Mo Joes (MA) Mojo Hands (RI) The Mojo Men (FL>CA)
The Mojos (CT) The Mojos (WV) The Moles (FL)
Molkie Cole (OH) Moloch (TN) Scott Momenthy (IL)
Moms Boys (CA) Monacles (CA) Stephen Monahan (?)
(Florian) Monday and His Mondos (RI) Monday Rain (?) The Monkees (CA)
The Monks (US>Germany) Jeff Monn (NY) The Monocles/Higher Elevation (CO)
Montage (NY) Montells (FL) The Monterays (NY)
Christopher Montgomery (CT) Monuments (OK) The Mood (CA/other)
The Moods (TX) Moogie Woogie (?) Moolah (NY)
The Moon (CA) The Moon-Dawgs (LA) Moondog (NY)
Glen Mooney (& The Ferraris) (OH) Chris Moon Group (NY) The Moonlighters (NH)
The Moon Men (DC) Moonrakers (CO) Moonstone (PA)
Bill and Ron Moore (KY) Bob Moore (?) Jerry Moore (NY)
Les Moore (LA) Matthew Moore (Plus Four) (CA) R. Stevie Moore (TN>NJ)
Moorpark Intersection (CA) Mopptops (HI) More Psychedellic Guitars (CA)
More-Tishans (MN) Chris Morgan and The Togas (CA) Morganmasondowns (?NY)
Morgen (NY) Morgus and The Daringers (MI) Mor-Loks (FL)
Morly Grey (OH) Morning (CA) Morning After (MA)
Morning Dew (KS) Morning Glory (CA) Morninglory (?)
Morning Sky (NH) Morning Song (PA) Morningstar (MO)
Morning Star (MN) Morning Sun (CA) The Morning Sun (TX)
The Morning Tymes (IA) Morocco (?) Kent Morrill (WA)
The Morrison Bob Morrison (MS>CA) Pete Morticelli (NY) - see The Wee Four (NY).
The Morticians (TX) The Morticians (NJ) The Morticians (MI)
Mortimer (NY) Mosaic (KS) J Moser & The Hots (AZ)
Moses Lake (WA/CA) Mo-Shuns (NY) Bob Mosley (CA)
Moss and The Rocks (CA) Mother Earth (CA>TN) The Mother Love (CA)
The Motifs (NJ) The Motion The Motions (OH)
The Motivations (CA) The Motleys (CA) Motor City Bonnevilles (MI)
The Mott's Men (VT) Mountain (NY) Mountain Bus (IL)
Mount Rushmore (CA) Mourning Dayze (WI) The Mourning Reign (CA)
Mourning Son (?) Mouse and The Boys (FL) Mouse and The Traps (TX)
Mouzakis (DE) The Movement (AL) The Movement (NY)
The Movers (FL) The Moving Sidewalks (TX) Moving Violation (IL)
Moving Violations (TX) Movin' Morfomen (NM) Mowoody (MO)
The Moxies (KY) Mu (CA) Maury Muehleisen (?)
Muffets (OH) Muffetts (WV) Thee Muffins (NY) - see under 'T'.
Mugwumps (NY) The Mugwumps (CA) The Mulberry Fruit Band (?)
Barbara Muller (?) Alan Munson (CA) Munx (OH)
Muphets (OH) Murietta (?) Murmaids (?)
J.F. Murphy and Free Flowing Salt (NY) Murphy and The Mob (TX) P J Murphy Quintet (WI)
The Mushrooms (MI) Music (NY) Music (MI/CO)
The Music Asylum (?) The Music Combination (PA) Music Emporium (CA)
Music Explosion (OH) Music Fair (CA) The Music Machine (CA)
The Music Makers (IL) - see Mary Burton & Peter Baldwin (IL). The Musics (?) The Mussies (MI)
Mustache Wax (NY) Mustang (?) The Mustang (NY)
The Mustangs (CA) The Mustangs (NY) The Mustard Family (CT)
The Mustard Men (WI) Mustardseed (CA) Mustard Seed Faith (CA)
Mutha Goose (IN) Mutzie (MI) The Myddle Class (NJ)
Dave Myers and The Disciples (CA) The Myrchents (OH) Mysterians (IL)
Mysteries (FL) Mysterious Minds (CA) Mystery Meat (IL)
The Mystery Men (VA) The Mystery Tour (MD) - see Bob Brady & The Con Chords (MD). The Mystery Trend (CA)
The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band (CA) Mystic Blue (RI) The Mystic Five (PA)
The Mystic Five (RI) The Mystic Number National Bank (MO) The Mystics (FL)
The Mystics (TX) Mystic Siva (MI) The Mystic Tide (NY)
Mystic Zephyrs 4 (CA) The Mystifying Monarchs (ND)


Darragh Nagle (AZ) Ron Nagle (CA) Naked Truth (?NY/?PA)
Naomi (UT) Napoleon I & His Relatives (MN) Napoleon XIV (NY)
Napoleonic Wars (PA) Nanette Natal (NY) The National Gallery (OH)
The Naturals (NY) Natural Tendency (CA) The Nautiloids (MD)
The Navarros (OR) Navasota (?) Nazz (PA)
The Nazz (AZ) Ted Neeley (CA) Negative Space (NJ)
Tom Nehls (MN) The Neighborhood (?) Neighborhood Of Love (FL)
Neighb'rhood Childr'n (OR/CA) Fred Neil (NY) Neon (?)
The Neon Philharmonic (?TN) Nepenthe (CA/NV) The Nervous Breakdowns (CA)
Nervous System (?CA/?IL) Neurotic Sheep (TX/LA) Neutral Spirits (TN)
Never Mind (MN) - see Damin Eih, A.L.K. and Brother Clark (MN). The New Arrivals (CA) The New Age (CA)
The New Breed (TX) The New Breed (CA) New Breed (MA)
New Breed (PA) The New Brick Window (NY) New Buffalo (Springfield) (CA)
Curt Newbury (TX) Newbury Park (?CA) The New Colony Six (IL)
New Dawn (OR) The New Dawn (?) The New Dawn (?TN)
New Delhi River Band (NDRB) (CA) New Directions (VA) The New Expression (OH)
New Folk (OK) The New Fugitives (CT) The New Generation (SC)
New Haven (PA) New Hobbits (NY) - see The Hobbits (NY). New Hudson Exit (OH)
The New Invaders (CA) The New Legend (?) The New Life (CA)
The New Life (?) New Life (CA) Newluvs (PA)
The New Mix (NC) The New Order (NY) The New Phoenix (CA)
The Newports (MD) The New Roadrunners (TX) The New Rock Band (FL)
The News (NC) The News (CT) The New Society (TX)
The New Survivors (KS) The New Troubadours (Scotland>USA) The New Tweedy Bros! (OR)
The New Wave (CA) New Wine (CA) The New Wing (Canada>CA)
New World Congregation (MN) The New York Rock (& Roll) Ensemble (NY) The New Yorkers (OR)
New Zealand Trading Company (?) The Next Five (WI) The Next Morning (NY)
NGC-4594 (CT) 'N' Group (OH) Chet Nichols (CA)
Penny Nichols (CA) Roger Nichols and The Small Circle of Friends (CA) Nickel (?)
The Nickel Bag (IL) The Nickel Bag (?) Nick Of Tyme (CA)
The Night (CA) The Nightcrawlers (FL) The Night Crawlers (TX)
The Night Crawlers (MN) The Night Mist (TN) The Night People (OH)
The Night People (?) Night Riders (MI) The Night Riders (NC)
The Nightriders (?OR) The Nightrockers (MA) Night Shadow/Little Phil And The Night Shadows (GA)
The Night Walkers (WA) Nightwalkers (NC) Nineteen Eighty-Four (CA)
The '1900' Storm (TX) The 1910 Fruitgum Co. (CA) 90th Congress (NH)
The 98% American Mom and Apple Pie 1929 Crash Band (CA) The Ninth Street Bridge (TX) 9th Street Market (MI)
Nirvana Banana (CA) The Nite Owls (IL) The Nite Walkers (CA)
Nite Watchmen (OH) Nitzinger (TX) Don Nix (TN)
Noah (OH) Noah's Ark (FL) Noah's Ark (NY)
The Noblemen (OK) The Noblemen (IL) The Noblemen (IA)
The Noblemen (OH) The Noblemen (IN) The Noblemen (FL, Clearwater)
The Noblemen (FL, Fort Lauderdale) The Noblemen (PA) The Noblemen (?)
Noblemen 4 (PA) The Nobles (DE) Nobody's Children (TX)
Nobody's Children (IL) Nobody's Children (NM) Nobody's Children (MD)
Nobody's Children (?) Nobody's Children (LA) The Nocturnes (NJ)
Noises N' Sounds (WA) The Nomadds (IL) The Nomads (TX, Fort Worth)
The Nomads (TX, Texas City) The Nomads (NC) The Nomads (OH)
The Nomads (LA) The Nomads (PA) The Nomads (?AL)
The Nomads (IN) Nomadz (OH) No-Na-Mee's (CA)
The Non Conformists (NY) Steve Noonan (CA) Noonan, Levi and Houshmand (CT)
Dave Nordin (CA) North Atlantic Invasion Force (N.A.I.F.) (CT) North Bridge Company (IL)
No. County Rock Assn. (CA) Northern Front (?) Northwind (MI)
Nosy Parker (NY) The Notations (TX) Notes From The Underground (CA)
The Notorious Noblemen (IA) Novac (NY) The Nova Local (NC)
The Novas (TX) The Novas (MN) The Novas (FL)
Novells (CA) Len Novy (NY) The Now (CA)
Now (TN) The Now Generation (TN) William Nowik (NY)
NRBQ (NY/NJ) The Nuchez's (IL) The Nuclear Vision (MA)
Nu-Dimension (?) The #1 (Number One) - see Blue Beats (CT). The Numbers Band (OH) - see F (15:60:75 - The Numbers Band) (OH).
Stu Nunnery (NY) The Nun-Plus (OR)


Oasis (CA) Phil Ochs (NY) October Country (CA)
Octopus (NY) Oda (CA) Alan O'Day (CA)
The Odds and Ends (CA) Kevin Odegard (MN) Noel Odom and The Group (LA)
Odyssey (NY) Odyssey (CA, Los Angeles) Odyssey (?CA)
Oedipus and The Mothers (TX) Off-Beats (LA) The Offbeats (AL)
The Offbeets (FL) Off-Beats (CA) Off-Set (NY)
Ofoedian Den (CA) Oganookie (CA) Carl Oglesby (MI>NY)
Ognir and The Night People (PA) Ohio Express (OH) Ohio Knox (OH)
Oho (MD) Old Hickory and The Pirate (CA) - see Michael Mathis And White Lightning (CA). Old Salt (NY)
The Olivers (IN) Dennis Olivieri (CA) Ol' Paint (NY)
Hans Olson (AZ) Omega (IL) Omegas (MD)
The Omen (NY) The Omen and Their Luv (AL) The Omens (IN)
Omnibus (NJ) Om Shanti (TX) Oncomers (PA)
One (CA, 1) One (CA, 2) One (CA, 3)
One Eyed Jacks (IL) 101 Strings (CA) One Man's Family (CA)
One Mile Ahead (VA) The Oneness Space (KY) - see The Love Band (KY). One of Hours (KY)
One Pound Round (?) The Ones (CT) One St. Stephen (OH)
One Way Street (CAN) One Way Street (MS) The One-Way Street (TX)
One-Way Street Band (PA) The One Way Streets (OH) Only Ones (MI)
The Only Ones (TX) On The Seventh Day (NY) Onstage Majority (IL)
Michael Oosten (WI) Operations (OH) The Opposite Six (CA, Sacramento)
The Opposite Six (CA, San Luis Obispo) The Opposite Six (CA, Marin County) Opus IV/Epiks (OH)
Opus 1 (CA) The Oracle (CA) Orange Colored Sky (CA)
The Orange Groove (CA) The Orange Peels (NJ) The Orange Wedge (MD)
The Orange Wedge (MI) Oregon (NY) Orfeus (KY)
(Little Annie and) The Orfuns (CA) The Orfuns (OK) The Organization (NY)
Organ Grinders (MD) Organised Confusion (MI) Organized Confusion (CA)
The Orient Express (NY) The Original Dukes The Original Joplin Forte (CA) - see Joplin Forte (CA).
The Original Sinners (CT) Original Wild Oats (CA) P.J. Orion and The Magnates (MA) - see under 'P'.
Orion Express (CA) The Orkustra (CA) Ormandy (MI)
Orphan (MA) Orphan Egg (CA) Orphann (KS)
The Orphans (MA) Orphans (RI) Orpheus (MA)
The Orphuns (IL) Oscar and The Majestics (IN/IL) The Oscar Five (NY)
Osgood (IL) Oshun (?) Other Five (IN)
The Other Four (CA) The Other Half (CA) The Other Half (PA)
The Others (RI) The Others (CA) The Other Side (CA)
The Other Side (IA) The Other Side (TX) The Other Side Of Time (CO)
The Other Two (?) Our Gang (CA) Our Generation (NY)
Our Gang (CO) Our Patch of Blue (?) Our Village Sound (NY)
The Outcasts (TX) The Outcasts (AZ) The Outcasts (OK)
The Outcasts (MN) The Outcasts (NY) The Outcasts (CA)
The Outcasts (KY) The Outcasts (?) The Outcry (MI)
Outer Edge (OR) The Outer Limits (NM) The Outer Mongolian Herd (?AL)
Outlaw Blues (?) The Outlaw Blues Band (CA) The Outlaws (TX)
Outlaws (?OH) The Outlets (AL) The Outrage (?NY)
The Outside In (ME) The Outsiders (OH) The Outsiders (FL)
The Outsiders (IN) The Outsiders (NY) The Outspoken Blues (IL)
The Overtones (NY) Owen-B (OH) Owl (MA)
Owl (MI) The Ox Bow Incident (NY) Oxford Circle (CA)
The Oxford Circus (TX, Houston) The Oxford Circus (TX, McAllen) The Oxford 5 (MI)
Oxfords (KY) The Oxfords (OK) The Oxfords (PA)
Oxford Watchband (NY) The Oxpetals (NY) The Oz Band (?)
Oz Knozz (TX)


Pacific Gas and Electric (CA) The Pack (TX) The Pack (MI)
Sonny Padilla Jr (CA) The Paegans (IL) The Pagans (MN)
Page Boys (TX) The Page Boys (WA) The Page Boys (NY)
The Pagens (MI) Painted Faces (FL) The Paisleys (MN)
The Palace Guard (CA) The Palace Guard(s) (LA) Pale Fire (CA)
Bruce Palmer (CA) Lucia Pamela (FL) Pan (CA)
The Pandas (TX) Pandemonium Shadow Show (WI) Pandora (?NY)
Pandora and The Males (IL) The Panicks (OH) The Panics (VA)
The Panics (TX) Papa Nebo (MN) Paper Fortress (CA)
Paper Garden (NY) Paper Mind (CA) Paper Train (?)
The Parade (CA) Paragons (NC) Paraphernalia (MA)
Paraphernalia (MI) Parish Hall (CA) Paris Pilot (?)
Park Avenue Playground (IL) Parliament (?) Paul Parrish (MI)
Parrish and Wilde (CA) The Parrots (?NY) Tom Parrott (NY)
Passing Clouds (CA) The Passions (TX) The Pastels (Charlie Romans &) (TX)
The Pastels (WA) The Pastels (MI) Pasternak Progress (CA)
Patrick (NY) The Patriots (NY) The Patriots (CA)
The Patron Saints (NY) Pat's People (MI) The Pattens (IL)
The Patterns (TX) Bob Patterson (PA) Patterson & Pults (TX)
Paulist Folk Singers (?) Pavlov's Dog (MO) The Pawnbrokers (IA)
Pawnee Drive (?OH/?ND) P.B. and The Staunchmen (NY) Peabody Co. (NY)
Joe Peace (OH) Peace and Love (IN) Peace and Quiet (FL)
Peace Bread & Land Band (WA) Peacepipe (AZ>CA) The Peanut Butter Conspiracy (CA)
Pearl Divers (TX) Pearls Before Swine (FL>NY) Pearly Gate (?)
The Pebble Episode (NY) The Pebbles (Belgium!) The Pebbles (?)
The Pebbles (FL) Peck's Bad Boys/Pex's Bad Boys (NY) The Pedestrians (MI)
David Peel & The Lower East Side (NY) The Steve Peele Five (VA) The Peepl (?CA)
Peers (MN) Stephen Pegues (TX) Pembrook Ltd (Canada)
Pendulum The Pendulum (?) Pendulum & Co. (MA)
Penetrations (?) Paul Penfield (NY) William Penn and The Quakers (ID)
The William Penn Fyve/William Penn & His Pals (CA) The Penny Arcade (?) The Penny Arkade (CA)
Penny Candy Machine (?) Lydia Pense with The New Invaders (CA) - see New Invaders (CA). Rick Penta (OH)
Pentagram (VA) The Penthouse Five (TX) People! (CA)
The People (CA, on Reena) - see American Zoo (CA). People of Sunset Strip (CA) People's Victory Orchestra and Chorus (NY)
Jim Pepper (?NY) Pepper and The Shakers (MI) Peppermint Rainbow (MD)
Peppermint Trolley Co. (CA) Pepper Swift (CA) Victor Peraino's Kingdom Come (?MI)
The Percussions (TN) Linda Perhacs (CA) The Perils (TX)
Periscopes (CA) The Perpetual Motion (IL) Perpetual Motion Workshop (CA)
Chuck and Mary Perrin (IL/IN) Pep Perrine (MI) The Persian Market (LA)
Perspective (RI) The Persuaders (MD) Peter and The Prophets (MI)
Peter and The Rabbits (TN) Peter and The Wolves (IL) Peter Pan and The Good Fairies (CA)
Peter Pipers (PA) John Peterson (IL) Kris Peterson (?)
Petra (IN) Petrified Forest (NY) Pex's Bad Boys (NY) - see Peck's Bad Boys (NY).
Caroline Peyton (IN) P. F. Flyer (CA) The Phaetons (NY)
Phafner (IA) Phananganang (MA) Phantasia (MO)
Phantom (MI) The Phantom Raiders (?) The Phantoms (OR)
Phase III (WI) Phil and The Frantics (AZ) Samy Phillip (CA)
Glenn Phillips (GA) John Phillips (CA) The Philosophers (CA)
Phoenix Sonshine (CA) Phineas and The Lemon Fogg (?) Phinx (MS)
Phlegethon (MI) Phluph (MA) Phoenix (CA)
Phoenix Bird (NH) Phoenix Trolley (CA) Phorenbach Delegation (IL)
PH Phactor (Jugband) (OR) Pi Corp (OH) The Piccadilly Circus (TN) - see Shadden & The King Lears (TN).
The Pictorian Skiffuls (OH) Picture (WI) Pidgeon (?)
The Piece Kor (MD) Pied Pipers (OH) Pierce Arreau (TX)
(Mark Stein and) The Pigeons (NY) Piggy Bank (NM) Pig Iron (NY)
Pig Newton And The Wizards From Kansas (KS) - see The Wizards From Kanzas (KS). Travis Pike('s Tea Party) (MA) Pilgrimage (NY)
Pilot (?CA) Susan Pillsbury (NY) The Pineapple Heard (NY)
Pinkiny Canandy (?) Pinnochio and Puppets (NY) Piranhas (CA)
The Pirates (LA) Pisces (IL) Pitche Blende (MI)
P.J. Orion and The Magnates (MA) The Plague (NM) The Plague (ND)
The Plague (WI) The Plague (VA) Plague (CA)
Plague (MI, 1) The Plagues (MI, 2) The Plagues (MA)
Plain Brown Wrapper (MI) Plain Jane (CA) Planet of The Apes (CT)
Planned Obsolescence (CA) Plant and See (NC) Plant Life (FL)
Plaster Caster Blues Band (?) Plastic Ax (TX) Plastic Blues Band (LA)
The Plastic Ice Cube (MN) Plastic Mushroom (IA) Plastik Peeple (NY)
Plato and The Philosophers (MO) The Playboys Of Edinburg (P.O.E.) (TX) Playful Pups (?)
The Playgue (LA) Pleasure (featuring Billy Elder) (CA) The Pleasure Fair (CA)
The Pleasure Seekers (MI) Bill Plummer and The Cosmic Brotherhood (CO>CA) - see The Cosmic Brotherhood (CO>CA). Plum Nelly (NYC>CA)
The Plunkers (CA) Plymouth Rock (TX) The Plymouth Rockers (CA)
Plynth (NJ) P-nut Butter (AZ) P.O.A. (IL)
Podipto (MN) Polyphony (VA) Erica Pomerance (NY)
David Pomeranz (?) Pony Express (?) Poobah (OH)
Pookah (?) The Poor (CO/CA) The Poor Boys (CA)
The Poor Boys (?) The Poor Boys (MI) Poor Little Rich Kids (TN)
Poor Richard (MI) Poor Richard's Almanac (NY) The Poore Boys (MN)
Poor Souls (AL) Poother Unlimited (IL) Pop Art (NY) - see Glitterhouse (NY).
Popcorn Blizzard (MI) Popcorn Blizzard (?) The Popcorn Generation (?TN)
The Portraits (WI/CA) The Portraits (WI) Port Authority (?)
Jerry Porter (?) Positively Thirteen O'Clock (TX) Possum River (?)
The Possums (OH) The Possums (AZ) Potliquor (LA)
Potter St. Cloud (TX) Risa Potters (?) Potter's Clay (MI)
Pound (IL) Poverty-Five (WA) Powder (CA)
Power (CA) Power of Zeus (MI) Powers of Blue (NY)
The Powers Uv Purple (FL) The Preachers (CA) The Preachers (AL)
The Premiers (CA) Prentice and Tuttle (MA) Preparations (?)
Pressed Down, Shaken Together and Running Over (?) The Present (NY) Preston (MI)
Pretty People (CA) Joe Prichard and Gibraltar (MO) Nancy Priddy (CA)
Pride (?) Adrian Pride (?) Pride and Joy (IL)
The Primates (NY) Prime Mover (NY) Primevil (IN)
Primrose Circus (CA) Prince and The Paupers (MN) The Princemen (IA)
Princess Flower and The Moon Rays (?NY) The Princetons (IA) Private Property Of Digil (WI)
Privilege (PA) Probable Cause (PA) Probe (IL)
Probe 10 (?) Proctor Amusement Co. (FL) The Prodigal (?CA)
The Prodigies (IL) Professor Morrison's Lollipop (?) Progressions (MD)
The Projection Company (CA) The Promissory Notes (?CT/RI) Proof (AK)
Proof of The Puddin' (IN) Prophecy (NY) The Prophets (IA)
The Prophets (VA) The Prophets Of Doom (MI) Thee Prophets (WI)
Propinquity (CO) Proposition (aka Ron Roman and...) (CA) Pros (?)
Prospectus (?) The Proverbial Knee Hi's (VA) Prufrock (CA)
The Pseudos (MI) Psychedelic Sounds (?CT/NY) Psychedellic Guitars (CA)
Psychic Motion (NC) The Psychopaths (MA) The Psychos (VA)
The Psychotics (NC) The Psychotics (MI) Public Nuisance (CA)
Gary Puckett and The Union Gap (CA) - see The Union Gap (CA). Puddin' Heads (CA) Puff (MA)
Pugsley Munion (MA) The Pullice (CA) The Pulsating Heartbeats (AK)
The Pulse (CT) Pulse (NY) Pumas (?)
Pump (Productions) (DE) Punch (?) The Puppets (MI)
Pure Food and Drug Act (CA) Pure Jade Green (TX) Pure Love and Pleasure (CA)
Purple Avalanche (?) Purple Canteen (AR) Purple Fox (MO)
Purple Gang (CA) The Purple Haze (TX) The Purple Haze (AL)
Purple Image (OH) Purple Passage (MI) Purple Prism (IA)
Purple Reign (?OH) Purple Rock (TX) Purple Smoke (?)
The Purple Underground (FL) Purpose (NY) Purpose (?)
Pur'Swa'Der...s (NJ) Joseph Pusey (CA) Puzzle (D.C.)
Pynk Peach Mob (MI)


Quadrangle (NY) The Quantrill Raiders (OH) Quantum (CT)
Quarry (MA) The Quarrymen (IA) Quatrain (CA)
Michael Quatro and The Jam Band (MI) Queen Anne's Lace (?CA) Queen's Nectarine Machine (NY)
The Quest (WI) ? and The Mysterians (MI) Questors (MI)
Quests (Quest's) (MI) The Quick (OH) Al Quick and The Masochists (CA)
Bill Quick (?CA) Quicksilver Messenger Service (CA) Quill (MA)
Quill (CA) Paul Quinlan S.J. (?) The Quinns (?MI)
The Quinstrells (AZ) Quintet (TX>CA) - see Sir Doug Quintet (TX>CA). Quintette Plus (MI)
Quirks (NY) Quoth The Raven (?)


Dick Rabbit (MI) Jimmy Rabbit and The Karats (TX) Michael Rabon and Choctaw (TX)
Bob Racine (IL) The Racket Squad (PA) Radiant Set (CA)
Mark Radice (NJ) Raga and The Talas (CA) The Raggamuffins (NY)
Raging Winds (OH) Nik Raicevic (?) Raik's Progress (CA)
Walter Raim Concept (?) Rain (NY) Rain (CA)
Rain (PA) Rain (?) The Rain (KS)
Rain (MI) - see Rainmakers (MI). Rainbeaux (FL) Rainbow (CA)
The Rainbow Band (?) The Rainbow Press (NY) Rainbow Promise (TX)
Raindear Army (IL) Rain Kings (TX) The Rainmakers (NJ)
The Rainmakers (MI) Bob Rains (?) Rainwater Touring Company (MI)
Rainy Days (MI) The Rainy Daze (CO) Rajput & The Sepoy Mutiny (?)
Ram (NY) Ramadas (TX) Ramatam (FL)
Ram Dass (?) Random Element (NY) The Ramrods (PA)
Elliott Randall (NY) Terry Randall (CA) Randy and The Holidays (AL)
Randy & The Radiants (TN) Randy and The Rest (AL) Randy and The Ring (CA)
Rapid Richard Group (CA) The Rapids (TN) Tom Rapp (NY)
Rapunzel (?) The Rare Breed (?NY/NJ) The Rare Breed (FL)
Rare Earth (MI) Rasberry Jam (NJ) The Rascals (NY) - see The Young Rascals (NY).
John Rasmussen (?) Rasputin and The Mad Monks (MA) Rasputin and The Monks (NH)
Billy Rat and The Finks (IA) Ratchell (?CA) The Rationals (MI)
The Rats (OH) The Ravelles (MI) The Raven(s) (FL)
Raven (OH) Raven (NY) Ravenz (TN)
The Rave-Ons (MN) The Raves (NY) Ravin' Blue (MS)
The Raving Madd (FL) The Ravons with Bobby Roberts (IL) Raw Edge (CA)
Raw Honey (?) Bob Ray (CA) Burch Ray (and The Walkers) (MT)
Jerry Raye and Fenwyck (CA) - see Fenwyck (CA). The Raymarks (WA) Raymond John Michael Band (?)
Rayne (LA/MS) Jerry Rayson (NY) Razor's Edge (FL)
Razor's Edge (PA) Reactions (MO) Reactors (VA)
The Readymen (MN) Real People (?CA) Rear Exit (CA)
Rear Exit (WI) Reason (VA) The Reasons Why (TX)
The Reasons Why (IL) The Reasons Why (NY) The Reasons Why (AZ)
Rebecca and The Sunnybrook Farmers (PA) Rebirth (VA) The Rebounds (OH)
The Rebs (IA) Recurring Love Habit (CA) Red Beard and The Pirates (GA)
Red Bud Thunder (WI) Red Cheek (FL) Redcoats (NJ)
Red Crayola (TX) The Reddlemen (TX) The (Roaring) Red Dogs (KS)
Redemption (TX) Redeye (CA) The Red House (TX)
The Red Lite District Red Mountain (CA) Red Pony (OK)
Red Roosters (CA) Red Shadow (MA) Red, Wilder, Blue (CA)
The Redwoods (MI) The Reekers (MD) Reets (MS)
The Reflections (CA) The Reflections (MI) The Regents (CA)
The Regents (?) The Regiment (IL) The Rehabilitation Cruise (WI)
The Reign (MN) Rejects (?WV) Rejoice! (CA)
Reknown (AR) Relatively Clean Rivers (CA) The Rel-Yea's (TX)
The Remaining Few (TX) The Remains (MA) Remicks (TN)
The Renagades (NH) Renaissance Fair (MI) The Renegades (IV/V) (MI)
Mike Renolds and The 'Infants of Soul' (TX) The Renovations (CA) Research 1-6-12 (CA)
The Restless Feelin's (?) The Restless Knights (KS) Retreds (MA)
Reunion Band and Friends (KY) Revelation (?) The Revelation (CA)
Reveliers (MA) The Revelles (IL) Reverbs (GA)
Paul Revere and The Raiders (ID>OR) Revival (?) The Revlons (GA)
Revolution (?) Revolver (AL) The Revolvers (TX)
L. J. Reynolds (?) The RFD (?) Rhinoceros (CA)
Rhode Hog and The Nuisances (TX) Emitt Rhodes (CA) Rhubarb's Revenge (NJ)
Rhythm Rockers (MI) Randy Rice (?) Ronnie Rice (and The Gents/Silvertones) (IL)
Cathy Rich (CA) Linda Rich (?) Richard and The Young Lions (NJ)
Richard, Cam and Bert (NY) Emil Richards and The Microtonal Blues Band (CA) Warren S. Richardson Jr. (AZ)
Karl Richey (CA) Richie's Renegades (MA) Rich Mountain Tower (IL)
Rick and Ronnie (TN) Rick and The Ravens (CA) Rick and The Riots (IN)
Nooney Rickett (CA) The Ricochettes (Ricochetts) (WI) The Riddles (IL)
Riders of The Mark (?PA) The Riffs (AZ) The Riffs (MA)
Rig (?) Right Of Little Rest (RI) Rigor Mortis (PA)
Riley (TN) The Ringers (CA>PERU) The Ringers (?)
Jerry Riopelle (CA) The Riots (IL) The Riot Squad (MI)
The Riptides (IL) Rising Hope (OH) The Rising Sons (CA)
The Rising Sons (NY) - see Tony Galla &The Rising Sons (NY). The Rising Sons (?) Rising Sons (IL)
The Rising Storm (MA) Rising Tides (NJ) The Rising Tides (IL/Peru)
Rising Tydes (PA) Peter Ritchie (?) Ritchie's Renegades (MA) - see Richie's Renegades (MA).
The Rites (NY) Rites of Spring (AL) Rittenhouse Square (NC)
Rituals (CA) River City Street Band (AR) Johnny Rivers (CA)
The River Styx (NJ) Road (NY) Road (?)
The Road (OH) The Road Home (CA) The Road Runners (CA)
The Road Runners (WI) The Roadrunners (MI) Road's End (NY)
The Roamin' Brothers (?) Roamin' Togas (LA) Robbie The Werewolf (CA)
The Robbs (WI) Derek "Derrik" Roberts (?NY) Howard Roberts (?)
Billy Roberts and Grits (CA) Don Robertson (?CA) Robin and The Three Hoods (WI)
The Robin Hoods (IL) Andy Robinson (CA) Chris Robison (NY)
The Rob Roys (CA) The Rock & Roll Revival (?) Rock Candy (?)
Rock Collection (WA) The Rockets (CA) Rock Garden (AR)
The Rock Garden (GA) Rockin Foo (CA) The Rockin' Ramrods (MA)
The Rockin Rebellions (AL) Rockin' Roadrunners (FL) Rock Island (PA)
The Rock-N-Souls (WA) Rock Revival (?) Rocks (AL)
The Rock Shop (CA) Rock Shop Rockwell (CA)
Rocky and His Friends/and The Riddlers (WA) Rocky and The Border Kings (?) Rod and The Satalites (IL)
Rodan (CA) Rodney and The Blazers (KS) Rodriguez (MI)
Tommy Roe (GA) The Roemans (FL) Rog and The Escorts (IA)
Roger and Wendy (NY) The Rogues (CA, L.A. 1) The Rogues (LA)
The Rogues (NE) The Rogues (IA) The Rogues (CT)
The Rogues (WI, Brookfield) The Rogues (NY) The Rogues (?)
The Rogues (OK) The Rogues (PA) The Rogues (CA, L.A. 2)
The Rogues (WI, Milwaukee 2) The Rogues (MO) The Rogues Five (OK)
The Rogue Show (LA) Rogues Inc (GA) Rohrbacker, Hendren and Kingen (OR)
The Roks (Rox) (TX) Rolling Ramsax (Rolling Ramsaxs) (OH) The Romancers (CA)
Murray Roman (CA) Roman Rebellion (NY) The Romans (AR)
Jonny Rome and The Second Thought (MN) - see Second Thought (MN). Ron and Shirley (NJ) Ron and The Starfires (FL)
The Rondells (KY) The Rondells (NY) The Ron-dels (TX)
Ron-De-Voo's (IN) Ron-De-Vous (NC) Ronnie & The Pomona Casuals (CA)
Ronny and The Daytonas (TN) The Rooks (CA) The Rooks (IL)
The Roosters (CA) The Roosters (CA, San Diego) The Roosters (CA, L.A.)
Rooter (?) The Roots (TX) The Roots of Madness (CA)
Joe Rosanova and The Vineyard (MI) Biff Rose (CA) Tim Rose (DC)
The Rose Garden (CA) Rosewood (?) Tom Rosplock (?TN)
Charles Ross III (?TN) Rotary Connection (IL) The Rouges (MA)
Roundhouse (WI) The Rousers (IA) The Rovin' Flames (FL)
The Rovin' Kind (IL) Roxx (MN) Roxy (CA)
Royal Aircoach (MA) Royalaires The Royal Caste (?)
The Royal Flairs (NE/IA) The Royal Guardsmen (FL) The Royal Knights (TX)
The Royal Rogues (R./Rogues) (WA) The Royal Shandels (MI) The Roy G Biv Quintet (IL)
The RPM's (NJ) RPM (NY) RPS (?)
Rubayyat (TX) The Rubber Band (CA) The Rubber Band (AR)
The Rubber Band (AL) The Rubber Maze (TX) The Rubber Memory (LA)
Roger Rubin and Rotfree Anderson (GA) Ruby (MI) Rude Awakening (VA)
The Rugbys (KY) The Ruins (MI) The Rumblers (CA)
The Rumbles (NE) Rumor(s) (CA) Rums and Coke (?)
The Runarounds (NY) Run-a-Rounds (MI) The Runaways (TX)
The Runaways (OH) Rural (IA) Merrilee Rush (WA)
Tom Rush (NY) Rush Hour (IL) The Rustics (NY)
Rustix (?) Ruthanne and The Invictas (MI) Becky Ryan (CA)
Collie Ryan (CA) Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels (MI) John Rydgren (WA)
Rye (CA)


Sabana Breeze (TX) Sacred Irony (NC) The Sacred Mushroom (OH)
Saddhu Brand Saddlesore (TX) Sage (OK)
Sage and Seer (CO) Sagittarius (CA) The Saharas (MI)
Glenn Saiger/Infinite Companions (OH) Endle St. Cloud Sainte Anthony's Fyre (NJ)
Buffy Sainte-Marie (?) St. George and The Dragons (CA) St. George & Tana (?)
Rod St James (?) St. John Green (CA) St Louis Hounds (MO)
Alan St. Pierre (MN) St Pius X Seminary Choir (CA) The Saints (NY)
Thee Saints and The Prince of Darkness (TN) Mike St. Shaw and The Prophets (AZ) Saint Steven (MA)
The Salados (TX) - see Dick Treadway & The Salados (TX). Salem Mass (ID) Salem Witchcraft (MI)
Sandy Salisbury (CA) Salloom-Sinclair (& The Mother Bear) (TX>IL) Sonny Salsbury (?) - see The Electric Church With Sonny Salsbury (?).
Salt (OH) The Salt (NY) Salt Water Taffy (NY)
Salvation (CA) Salvation (?NJ) Sam Samudio (TX)
Sam The Sham and The Pharaohs (TN) The Sanctions (?) Sanctuary (KS)
Sand (OR) The Sandals/Sandells (Belgium>CA) Don Sanders (TX)
Ed Sanders (NY) The Sandmen (MN) Sands (TX)
The Sands (NC) Evie Sands (?) The Sands of Time (PA)
Sands Of Time (?NY) The Sands of Time (?) Sandstone (PA)
The San Francisco Earthquakes (NY>UK) San Francisco Trolley Co. (?MI) Sangralads (IN)
Tom Sankey (?) The Sanshers (OH) Santa Fe (?)
Santana (CA) David Santo (NY) The Sants (TN)
Sanz, Incorporated (IN) The Sapians (NY) Sapphire Thinkers (CA)
Stephen Sargent & The Pride (VT) Sarofeen and Smoke (NY) The Sas-Shades (PA)
Satan And Deciples (LA) The Satans (CA) The Satans (MA)
Satan's Breed (RI) Satan's Chyldren (TX) The Satellites (VA)
The Satisfactions (WI) The Satisfied Minds (WV) Satori (TX)
Saturday's Children (IL) Saturday's Garbage (NJ) The Satyrs (NJ)
Rick Saucedo (IL) Merl Saunders (CA) Joe Savage (NY)
Robert Savage (CA) The Savage Generation (?NY) Savage Grace (MI)
The Savage Resurrection (CA) The Savages (NY) Savages (FL)
The Savages (Bermuda) The Savoy's (IL) Sawbuck (CA)
Sawdust (ME) Sky Sunlight Saxon (CA) - see The Seeds (CA). The Saxons (FL)
Saxons (NY) The Scandal (TN) Jim Scannell and The Believers (?)
Scarlet Letter (MI) The Scavengers (IA) Scepters (TN)
Sceptres (IL) Leonard Schaeffer (CA) Warren Schatz (NY)
Schield Sisters (?) Charles Schneider (MI) The Scholars (PA)
The Schoolboys (?) Jim & Cherie Schwall (IL) Bernie Schwartz (CA)
John Scoggins (?) Scorpio Ascendants (?) Scorpion (MI)
Scorpion (PA) Scorpio Tube (CA) The Scotsmen (WA)
The Scotsmen (MN) Scott Bedford Four (PA) Peggy Scott and Jo Jo Benson (?)
Scoundrels (NY) Screaming Gypsy Bandits (IN) The Screaming Wildmen (IL)
The Scurvy Knaves (PA) The Sea Dogs (OH) Seagulls (NY)
Sean and The Brandywines (CA) Shawkey Se'au & The Muffins (RI) Seanor and Koss (CA)
The Search (CA) The Search Party (CA) Seatrain (CA)
John B. Sebastian (NY) Don Sebesky (NY) 2nd Chapter of Acts (?)
The Second Collection (CA) The Second Coming (CA) Second Coming (FL)
The Second Edition (MN) The Second*Hand*Bitter*Sweet (MD) The Second Helping (CA)
The Second Summers (?CT/?NY) The Second Thought (MN) The Second Time (CA)
Secret Agents Of The Vice Squad (?) Secrets (WI) The Sect (AZ)
Section Five (MA) The Seeds (CA) The Seeds Of Time (AL)
Bob Seger and The Last Heard (MI) Bob Seger System (MI) Bob Seger (MI)
Selah (OH) The Semi-Colons? (MI) The Senders (IA)
The Senders (FL) Seompi (TX) Sequoiah (?)
Sequoiah Stream (IN) The Serfmen (IN) The Serfs (CA)
The Serpent Power (CA) Sertified Sounds (WI) 7 Dwarfs (PA)
The Seven of Us (NY) 17th Avenue Exits (AL) 7th Cinders (NJ)
7th Court (MI) Seventh Dawn (CA) The Seventh Dawn (?VA)
The 7th Seal (VA) Seventh Sons (MD) Becky Severson (MN)
Seward's Ice Box (OH) Shadden and The King Lears (TN) The Shades (and variations of) (TX)
The Shades (IL) The Shades (MN) The Shades (OH)
The Shades (MI) Shades, Inc. (FL) Shades of Black Lightning (CA)
The Shades of Blue (MI) The Shades of Blue (IL) Shades of Darkness (NY)
The Shades of Night (TX) The Shadow Casters (IL) Shadow Mann (NY)
The Shadows (AL) The Shadows (AR) The Shadows (KY) - see The Chateaus (KY).
The Shadows Four (MA) The Shadows of Knight (IL) The Shadows of Time (MA)
Shadrack (IA) The Shady Days (IL) The Shady Daze (IL)
The Shaggy Boys (NY) The Shaggs (NH) The Shaggs (FL)
The Shaggs (IN) The Shag(s) (WI) The Shags (CT)
The Shags (MN) The Shags (IL) The Shakespeare's (NY)
Shakey Legs (?MA) The Shames (MA) The Shamettes (?)
The Shandells (WI) The Shan-Dells (PA) Shandells, Inc. (AL)
The Shandels (IL) The Shandels (CT) Shandels/Shan Dels (NY)
The Shane (CA) Shango (CA) Anandar Shankar (India/CA)
Shannondoah (WA) Shanti (CA) Shanti Das (OR)
The Shapes of Things (NY) The Shaprels (WI) Sharkey (CA)
The Shatters (MN) The Shattoes (SD) Shaw, Allen and Shaw (MN)
The Shaynes (PA) She (CA) She Devils (MI)
The Sheep (NY) Sheffield Rush (OH) - see Munx (OH). Sheffields (MI)
Sheffield's Gate (AL) Shekina Glory (IA) Gilbert Shelton Ensemble (TX)
Shep (AZ/CA) - see Shep Cooke (AZ/CA). Red Shepard & The Flock (MO) The Sheppards (Rickford Ziolkowski and The Shephards) (MI)
The Sheratons (MO) The Sherwoods (TX) She's (?)
The Shieks (?) The Shillings (PA) The Shillings (OH)
The Shillings (CA) Shiloh (TX) Shiloh Morning (MN)
The Shilos (MA) Shindogs (CA) The Ship (IL)
Shira (?) Shiva's Headband (TX) Shiver (CA)
Wally Shoop and Fubar (IA) The Shoremen (MD) Short Cross (VA)
The Short Kuts (TN) Shotgun Ltd (CA) The Showmen (TX)
The Showmen (OH) Show of Hands (CA) - see Formerly Anthrax (CA). The Show Stoppers (NY)
The Shy Guys (FL) The Shy Guys (MI) The Shy Ones (OH)
The Shyres (MA) Siddha (CA) The Sidekicks (NJ)
Si-dells (NC) The Side Show (?) Sidetrack (NY)
Sidewalk Skipper Band (WI) The Sidewinders (NY) The Siegel Schwall Band (IL)
Sierra (?CA) The Sights and Sounds (TX) Silent Cheer (MA)
The Silent Strangers (CT) The Silhouettes (PA) Silk (OH)
Silk Winged Alliance (UT) Judee Sill (CA) Silmaril (WI)
Siloam (MO) Silver (WI) Silver Apples (NY)
Silver Byke (NY) Silver Bullets (WI) - see The Ladds (WI). Silver Fleet (UK)
Silver Metre (CA) Silver, Platinum and Gold (CA) The Silvertones (TX)
Jeff Simmons (CA) Simpson (?) John Simson (NY)
The Sinners (CA) Sin Say Shuns (CA/NV) Sir Charles & Daze Of Olde (IN)
The Sir Douglas Quintet (TX>CA) The Sires (OR) Sir Michael and The Sounds (FL)
Sir Raleigh/Sir Raleigh & The Cupons (WA) Sir Winston and The Commons (IN) The Sirs (OR)
Sivel Sound Experience (NE) Six Feet Under (NJ) The Six Pak (CA)
Six Pence (KY) Thee Sixpence (CA) The Sixpence (MI)
The Six Pents (TX) The Sixpentz (TX) 60,000,000 Buffalo (CO)
S.J. and The Crossroads (TX) Skapegoat (CA) The Skeptics (OH)
The Skeptics (OK) Skip and The Creations (VA) Skip Juried (NY) - see under 'J'.
The Skunks (WI) Sky (MI) The Sky (NY)
Sky Dancer (NE) Sky-Dog (GA) Skyeros (MO)
Sky Farmer (IL) The Skymonters (?) Patrick Sky (NY)
The Sleepers (OH) Sleepless Knights (PA) Sleepy Hollow (?PA)
Sleepy John (ID) Slightest Idea (IA) P.F. Sloan (CA/NY)
Sloopy & The Guys (MI) The Sloths (CA) The Slush (MI)
Sly and The Family Stone (CA) Sly Boots The Smack (KS)
Smack (OR) Small Society (MN) Smith (CA)
Bob Smith (CA) Jojo Smith (?) Kathy Smith (?)
Tedd Smith (?) Smithsonian Institute (TN) The Smoke (TX)
The Smoke (CA) Smoke (MI) The Smoke Ring (NE)
Smoke Rings (CA) Smoke Rise (?) Smokestack Banana (MN)
Smokestack Lightning (CA) Smokey and His Sister (NY) Smokey John Bull (?)
Smokin' Willie (IN) Smubbs (CT) Snails (GA)
Snake (PA) Snakegrinder (DE) The Snaps (PA)
Sneakers (NM) The Sneakers (LA) The Sneekers (?PA)
Tony Snell (?) Alva Snelling (LA) - see Alva Starr (LA). Sigmund Snopek III (WI)
Snow (OH) Snow Geese (TX) Snowmen (SC)
The So...But So What? (AL) The Society (TX) Society's Children (IL)
Society's Children (NY) Bill Soden (?PA) Soft Rock (?)
So It Goes (GA) Solenoid (MN) The Sole Survivors (MA)
Solid Ground (AZ) The Solid Soul (GA) Solid State (TX)
The Solitary Confinement (MI) Jerry Solomon (CA) Somebody's Chyldren (CA)
Some Other Animal (?NY/MA) Something Else (DC) The Something New (?)
Something Wild (CA) Bert Sommer (NY) Alan Sondheim (RI)
Song (CA) Songs For The Masses (MD) The Sonics (WA)
The Sonics (IL) Sonics Inc. (?OH) Sonoma (CA)
The Sons of Adam (CA) The Sons of Barbee Doll (TX) The Sons of Champlin (CA)
Sons of Joseph (MI) Son's Of The Keystone Cops (CA) The Sons of Liberty (WV)
Sons Of May (WI) Sons of Thunder (MD) The Soothsayers (CO)
Sopwith Camel (CA) The Roy Sorensen Group (MI) S.O.S. (?)
Sot Weed Factor (AZ) The Soul (CO) Soulbenders (MI)
The Souldiers (?FL) The Soule Society (MS) The Soul Generation (PA)
Soul Inc. (KY) Soul, Inc. (GA) Soul Inc. (SC)
Soul Patrol (?) The Soul Seekers (TX) The Soul Seekers (MN)
Soul Society (TX) The Soul Society (AR) The Souls Of Britton (DE)
Souls of The Slain (LA) The Soul Survivors (NY>PA, Philadelphia) The Soul Survivors (PA, Pittsburgh)
The Soul Survivors (CO) The Soultons (CA) The Soul Trippers (FL)
The Soul Twisters (NC) The Souncations (TX) The Sound Apparatus (NJ)
The Sound Barrier (OH) Sound Extraction (KY) The Sound Foundation (?)
Sound Inc. (MN) The Sound Investment (TX) Sound Machine (CA)
Sound Machine (MA) The Sound Of Feeling (CA) The Sound Offs (?)
Sound Of Fury (IL) Sound Of The Seventh Son (CA) - see East Side Kids (CA). Soundpeace (NY)
The Sound Sandwich (CA) The Soundsations (MI) Sounds Like Us (MN)
Sounds, Ltd. (MO) The Sounds Of Dawn (CA) Sounds Of Modification (NY)
Sounds Of Our Times (?) Sounds Of Randall (LA) Sounds Of Sunshine (?CA)
The Sounds of Tyme (NC) Sounds Of Us (IL) Sounds Synonymous (MI)
Sounds Unlimited (TX) Sounds Unlimited (IN>IL) Sounds Unlimited (FL)
The Sound Symposium (?) Sound System (NC) The Sound Track (TN)
The Sound Vendor (OR) Soundz (PA) Soup (WI)
The Soup Greens (NY) The Source (CA) Richard Soutar (CT)
Joe South (GA/TN) Southbound Freeway (MI) John Southern (OK)
Southern Comfort (?) Southern Comfort (CA) Southern Steel (FL)
South 40 (MN) Southwest F.O.B. (TX) Southwind (CA)
Sower (NM) Space (CA) Space Cadets (TX)
Space Opera (TX>NM) The Spacemen (WI) The Space Walrus (?TN)
The Spades (TX) Stephen Spano (MD) Spare Change Band (?NY)
The Sparkles (TX) Sparks of Life (IL) The Sparrows (CA)
The Spartans (CA) - see The Minutemen (CA). The Spats (CA) Special Delivery (CT)
Specktrum (RI) The Speckulations (NC) The Specters (MA)
Spectres (LA) The Spectrum (TX) Alexander "Skip" Spence (CA)
Speed Limit 35 (SC) Jim Spencer (WI) Jimmie Spheeris (NY)
The Spi-Dells (MA) Spider (?) Spider & The Crabs
Spider and The Mustangs (CA) The Spiders (AZ) The Spiders (DC)
Spiffys (MD) The Spike Drivers (MI) The Spindle (WA)
Spindrift (NY) The Spiral Starecase (CA) Spireno
Spires Of Oxford (AR) Spirit (CA) Spirit (NY)
Spirit In Flesh (?) The Spirits (HI) Spirits & Worm (NY)
Spirits of Blue Lightning (OR) Spiritwood (?PA) Split Ends (FL)
Split Level (NY) Mark Spoelstra (NY>CA) The Spoils Of War (IL)
The Spokesmen (?PA) Spontaneous Generation (GA) Spontanes (NC)
Spooner and The Spoons (AL) Sportin' Life (NY) Spring Fever (CA)
The Springfield Rifle (WA) Sproton Layer (MI) Spruce (?)
The Sprytes (NM) Spur (MO>IL) Square Root of Nine (MI)
Squiremen Four (FL) The Squires (CT) The Squires (OR)
The Squires (OH) The Squires (CA) The Squirrels (NY)
SRC (MI) Stack (CA) The Staehely Brothers (?)
The Staffs (TX) Stained Glass (CA) Stained Glass Window (IL) - see Bob Racine (IL).
The Stains (CT) Stalk-Forrest Group (NY) The Standells (CA)
Stanley Steamer (CA) Rick Stanley (CA) Stapleton-Morley Expression (?CA)
Starbuck and The Rainmakers (CA) The Starchiefs (TX) Starfire (CA)
The Starfires (CA) The Starfires (FL) The Star Fires (PA)
The Starfires (Steve Ellis and) (MN) The Starfyres (PA) Peter Stark (MI)
Stark Naked (NY) Stark Naked and The Car Thieves (CA) The Dave Starky Five (TX)
The Starlets (?) The Starliners (MN) The Starliters (NC)
The Starlites (PA) The Starlites (?TN) Alva Starr (LA)
Charlie Starr (?) Starvation Army Band (TX) The State of Mind (DE)
The State of Mind (FL) Statesiders (NJ) The Statesmen (OH)
The Statics (with Tiny Tony) (WA) Status Cymbal (GA) Status Quo (AZ)
George Stavis (CA) Steel (?) Steeplechase (NY)
Steeple Peeple (?) Gene Steiker and Larry Chengges (MI) - see The Straywinds (MI). Alan Stelzner (?)
The Stench Band (NE) Stephen and The Farm Band (TN) - see The Farm Band (TN). Leigh Stephens (CA>UK)
Steppenwolf (CA) The Stepping Stones (CA) Stepson (CA)
Stereo Shoestring (TX) Jerry and Nancy Stevens (TX) ST4 (?)
The Sticks and Stones (?) The Stillroven (MN) The Stingrays (MN)
The Sting Rays (NY) Sting-Rays of Newburgh (NY) Stix and Stones (MI)
Stix 'N' Stones (PA) The Stix & Stonz (FL) Stix & Stonz (?)
Val Stoecklein (KS) The Stoics (TX) Simon Stokes and The Nighthawks (CA)
The Stolen Children (AL) The Stompers (IA) Stone Canyon Rock Group (CA)
Stone Circus (?CA) Stone Country (CA) Stoned Circus (MO)
Stoned Creation (IL) Stone Garden (ID) Stoneground (CA)
Stone Harbour (OH) Stone Henge (CA) Stonehenge (?)
Jade Stone & Luv (TN) The Stonemen (MA) Stone Moses (IA)
The Stone Poneys (CA) Sly Stone and The Family Stone (CA) - see Sly and The Family Stone (CA). The Stones (ND) - see The Tracers (ND).
Stone Sypher (TX) Stonewall (NY) Stoney and Meatloaf (?)
The Stony Brook People (NY) The Stooges (MI) Stop (OR)
Jeremy Storch (NY) Stories (NY) The Storybook (CA)
The Story Tellers (NJ) David Stoughton (?) The Stowaways
The Strange Fate (MI) The Strangeloves (NY) The Strangers (OK)
The Strangers (CA) The Strangers (MA) Marcia Strassman (CA)
The Strawberry Alarm Clock (CA) Strawberry Sac (CA) Strawberry Tuesday (PA)
Strawberry Window (CA) The Straywinds (MI) The Street (NY)
The Street Boys (?) The Street Cleaners (CA) The Street People (?)
The Street People (?) Streys (OH) William R. Strickland (CA)
The Striders (NM) Strimbling Blimbles (NJ) - see The Pur'Swa'Der...s (NJ). String and The Beans (AL)
String Cheese (IL) Carol Stromme (CA) Sturdy - Grebes (OH)
Alice Stuart and Snake (WA>CA) The Stuarts (?NY) Stud (TX)
Stud Cole (CA) Stuffin' (?CA) Stuffy's Frozen Parachute Band (WI)
The Stumbling Blox (TX) The Stumps (NM) Dane Sturgeon (CA)
Styx (IL) The Styx (CA, Mill Valley) The Styx (CA, St. Helena)
Substantial Evidence (MS) Subterranean Monastery (?) Suburban 9 To 5 (IL)
Sub Zero Band (CA) Sudden Death (CA) The Suedes (TX)
Sufi Choir (CA) Sugar Bear (FL) Sugar Beats (FL)
Sugar Creek (MA) Sugar Cube Blues Band (MS) Sugarloaf (CO)
Jim Sullivan (CA) Sultans Five (WI) Summerhill (CA)
The Summer Sounds (MA) Sum Pear (?) Sumpin' Else (CA)
Sundance (CA) The Sundae Funnies (NE) - see (Fabulous) Impacts (NE). Sunday Funnies (MI)
The Sunday Funnies (?) Sunday Funnies (CA, Los Angeles) The Sunday Funnies (TN)
Sunday Funnies (KY) Sunday Group (?CA) Sunday Servants (OK>CA)
Sundog Summit (IL) Sundowners (NY) Sun Lightning Incorporated (IN)
Sunlights Seven (CA) Sunliners (MI) Sunny Funny Co. (NE)
Sunpower Band (WA) The Sunrays (CA) Sunrise (OH) - see Dragonwyck (OH).
Sunrisers (NY) Sunset Love (TX) Sunshine (MI)
Sunshine (TX) Sunshine Buggs (MI) The Sunshine Company (CA)
Sunshine Reigns (LA) The Sunshine Trolley (?CA/TN) Sunshineward (CO)
Super Band (CO) The Superfine Dandelion (AZ) The Surf Boys (DC)
The Surf Knights (TX) Surprise (MO) The Surprise Package (WA)
Surprize (PA) The Surprize (FL) The Surrealistic Pillar (LA)
Sur Royal Da Count & The Parliaments (CA) Suspension Of Belief (AR) - see The Villagers (AR). Sutter's Mill (?)
Sunn Cycle (NC) Suns Of Mourning (WI) The Swagmen (IN)
Swallow (?MA) Swampgas (NY) The Swamp Rats (PA)
Swampwater (CA) Swaydes (FL) Sweathog (CA)
The Sweetarts (TX) The Sweet Acids (?GA) Sweet Briar (TX)
Sweet Cherry (MI) Sweet Magnolia Band (AR) Sweet Marie (HI)
Sweet Nothings (IL) Sweet Pain (CA) Sweet Pants (PA)
Sweet Pie (?VT) Sweet Revival (?) Sweet Smoke (TX)
Sweet Toothe (WV) Sweet Vengeance (PA) Sweetwater (CA)
T. Swift & The Electric Bag (CA) Swift Rain (TN) The Swingin' Apolloes (GA) - see The Apolloes (GA).
Swinging Machine (VA) The Swingin Lamp Liters (AL) Swingin' Medallions (SC)
(Swingin') Yo Yo's (TN) The Swiss Movement (TX) Symphonic Metamorphosis (MI)
The Syndicate (CA) Syndicate Of Sound (CA) Synod (IL)
The System (MN) Gabor Szabo (Hungary>CA)


Jon Tabakin (CA) Tabernash (IL/CO) The Taboos (NY)
The Talismen (WA) The Talismen (WI) The Talismen (MI)
The Tallysmen (MA) The Talula Babies (OH) Tamalpais Exchange (NY)
Tamara's New Generation (?IL) Tamrons (NC) James T and The Workers (MI)
The Tangents (CA) Tangerine (PA) Tangerine Roof (CA)
The Tangerine Zoo (RI) Gary Tanin (WI) Taos (NM)
Tarantula (CA) Tarbaby (FL) Jem Targal
Tartaglia (?) Tasmanians (FL) Tayles (WI)
Adam Taylor (?CA) Emmett Taylor (MO) James Taylor and The Original Flying Machine (MA/NY)
T. C. (AZ) T.C. Atlantic (MN) TCB - see Addendum page 1398.
TCT (TN) The Tea Company (NY) Teakwood (NY)
Teardrops (CO) The Tears (CA) Teddy and His Patches (CA)
Teddy and The Pandas (MA) Teddy Boys (NY) Teegarden & Van Winkle (OK>MI)
The Teemates (NJ/NY) The Teen-Beets (NC) Teen Tones (IN)
The Telstars (DC) The Telstars (NH) The Tempests (IN)
The Tempos (AL) The Tempos (?) The Tempters (MI)
Tennessee Farm Band (TN) - see The Farm Band (TN). Tension (CT) Teresa (TN)
The Terminal Barbershop (NY) Terra Nauticals (TX) Terrible Teens (LA)
The Terrifics (KY) Terry and The Chain Reaction (AL) Terry and The Telstars (ME) - see White Fluff (ME).
Terry and Tommy (TX) Joel Tessler (FL) Thackeray Rocke (AZ)
Thee Midniters (CA) Thee Muffins (NY) Their Eminence (CA)
Their Singing Bodies (LA) These Prosperous Times (?) These Trails (HI)
These Vizitors (IN) Theze Few (TX) The Thingies (KS>TX)
The Things (?) The Things (TX) The Things (TX)
Things To Come (CA) Things To Come (IL) Think (CA)
Think Dog (NY) The Third Bardo (NY) Third Booth (IL)
The Third Condition (FL) - see The 2/3rds (FL). Third Degree (?) The Third Edition (CA)
The Third Estate (LA) The 3rd Evolution (NY) The Third Power (MI)
The Third Rail (OH) Third Stone (OR) The Third World (?NY)
13th Dilemma (OH) The 13th Door (OH) The 13th Floor Elevators (TX)
13th Hour (WI) 13th Hour Glass (FL) Thirty Days Out (NY)
The 31st of February (FL) The 31 Flavors (CA) This Generation (TN)
This Side Up (?) This Side Up (AL) Susan & Richard Thomas (WI)
Thomas A. Edison Electric Band (PA) Thomas Group (CA) Don Thompson (IL)
Johnny Thompson Quintet (CA) Mayo Thompson (TX) Thorinshield (CA)
Thorndike Picklefish (Pacifist Choir) (?) Thornton, Fradkin & Unger and The Big Band (NY) Those Boys (TX)
Those Five (FL) Those Guys (TX) Those Of Us (SD)
The Thrashing Butterflys Of Devine Happiness (NY) The 31/2 (?NY) Three Of Us (?OH)
Three Ring Circus (?) 3's A Crowd (IL) Threshold of Sound (LA)
Tom Thumb and The Casuals (WA) Thunder and Roses (PA) The Thunderbirds (NM)
The Thunderbirds (IL) Thunderbirds (IA) Thunderbolts (?)
Thunderbolts (VT) Thunderduk (OH) Thunder Head (NY)
Thundering Heard (WA) Thunder Mugs (CA) Thunderpussy (IL)
Thunderstone (?) Thundertree (MN) Thursdays Children (TX)
The Thyme (MI) The Tiaras (TX/LA) Steve Tibbetts (MN)
The Tidal Waves (MI) The Tidal Waves (NH) The Tidal Waves (MA)
Tide (KS) Tides In (NY) Freddie Tieken And The Rockers (IL)
Tierpark (GA) The Tiffany Shade (OH) The Tiffany System (Bitter Ind) (FL)
The Tigermen (NY) The Tight Little Unit (TN) The Tikis (IN)
The Tikis (AL) The Tikis (WI) Tim Tam and The Turn-Ons (MI)
Timber (CA) Timbercreek (CA) Time (IL>NY)
T.I.M.E. (Trust In Men Everywhere) (CA) The Time Machine (WA) The Time Machine (CA>WA)
Time of Your Life (CA) Time Piece (SD) The Timestoppers (PA)
The Timetakers (MA) The Timezone (?) Cy Timmons (GA)
Timmothy (MI) Timothy And Ms Pickens With Natural Act (CA) - see Tim Dawe (CA). The Tingling Mother's Circus (NY)
Tin House (FL) Tin Penny (NY) The Tinkers (MA)
Bill Tinker (?) Tino and The Revlons (MI) Tiny Tim (NY)
The Titans (MN) Titus and Ross (IN) Titus Oates (TX)
TNT (PA) Toad Hall (NY) Toads (CA)
Toads (NJ) Today (WA) Today's Special (NY)
Today's Tomorrow (WI) - see The Ladds (WI). The Todds (IN) The Togas (CA) - see Chris Morgan and The Togas (CA).
Together (NJ/NY) The Tokays (CA) Tokens (?)
Tom and The Cats (?LA) Tombstones (SC) The Tombstones (?OH)
Tomorrow's World (CA) - see Boo Boo & Bunky, The Patriots (CA). Tommy and The Blue Velvets (CA) Tommy and The Hustlers (CA)
Tomorrow's Children (MN) Tomorrow's People (MD) - see The Shoremen (MD). Tongue (WI)
Toni and Terri (and The Pirates) (TN) Tonto and The Renegades (MI) Tonto's Expanding Head Band (NY)
Tony and The Bandits (OH) Tony's Tygers (WI) Tony, Vic, & Manuel (CA) - see The Sinners (CA).
Topanga Canyon Orchestra (CA) Top Drawer (OH) The Topics (WA)
Topper (MO) Topsy Turbys (AZ) The Tories (AL)
The Tor-Kays (?) Tormentors (CA) Toro (?)
Toronados (MI) Torquays (CA) Torques (MA)
Torqués (KY)) Totty (OK) Touch (MO)
Touch (OR/CA) Touch (OR>CA) Touches Of Gold (OH)
Touchstone (NY) Touchstone (MI) Touchstone (VA)
Tow-Away Zone (CA) Tower (NY) The Town Criers (TX)
Toy Factory (?) The Toy Factory (WI) T.P. and The Indians (NJ)
The Tracers (ND) Tracers (CA) Traces Of Time (IL)
The Trackers (TX) Tracks (?) Trademarks (MI)
Trademarks (FL) Trademarques (NM) The Tradewinds (RI>NY)
Trafalgar Square (WI) Train (Denmark>NY) The Train (SD)
The Traits (?) The Traits (NY) T.R. and The Yardsman (MI)
The Transactions (MD) Transatlantic Railroad (CA) Trans-Atlantic Subway (MA)
Transatlantic Winkham Chiken No. 5 (CA) The Trashmen (MN) The Travel Agency (CA)
The Travel Agency (IL) The Travelers (IV) (OH) Travelers Aid (CA)
The Traveling Salesmen (TX) Travis (MI) Dave Travis (Extreme) (CA)
Jack Traylor and Steelwind (?) Dick Treadway (TX) The Treasures (?)
The Treds (TX) Tree (IA) Tree (DE)
Trees (NJ) Trees (MI) The Trees (NY)
Amanda Trees (?) Tree Stumps (OH) The Tree Toppers (CA) - see The Beauchemins (CA).
Treez (IL) The Tremelons (IL) Tre-Mendez (IN) - see The Troup (IN).
Tremors (OH) The Trenchmen (ND) Bobby Trend (WI)
The Trespassers (MD) Ryan Trevor (?) The Treytones (OH)
The TR-4 (CA>Peru) - see The Ringers (CA>Peru). Triad (MN>Canada) Trials and Tribulations (?)
The Triangle (TX) Tribal Sinfonia (MI) The Tribu-Terrys (OH)
Tricycle (NY) Vic Trigger Band (CA) Trillium (NY)
Trilogy (IL) The Trilogy (FL) The Trippers (SD)
The Trippers (CA) The Trips (CA) Tripping Out (OH)
Tripsichord (Music Box) (CA) The Triumphs (TX) The Triumphs (OH)
The Triumphs (PA) Trizo 50 (MO) The Trodden Path (WI)
Chuck Trois and The National Bank (PA) Trojans of Evol (IN) The Trolley (WA)
The Troll(s) (IL) The Trolls (CA) The Trolls (CO)
The Trophies (MA) The Tropics (FL) The Troup (IN)
The Trout (?) Troy (AL) The Troyes (MI)
The Troys (IL) William Truckaway (CA) True Blue Facts (CA)
Truk (OK>CA) The Trust Company (IL) Truth (TX)
The Truth (MO) Truth (IA) Truth (CA, L.A.)
Truth (CA, ?) Truth and Janey (IA) Truth of Truths (?)
Truths (CA) Tryad (NY) Try-Angle (IN)
Try-Cerz (TX) T.S. Truck (IL) Mark Tucker (IL)
Tommy Tucker and The Esquires (IA) The Tuesday Club (?) The Tulu Babies (OH)
The Tumblers (PA) Tumbling Dice (KS) Tuneful Trolley (NY)
Turks (NC) Richard William Turner (CA) Velvert Turner Group (CA)
Turn On!! (NV) Turnquist Remedy (CA) Turquoise (CA)
The Turtles (CA) Twas Brillig (MN) Charlie Tweddle (CA)
The Tweeds (NY) The Twelfth Night (FL) The 12 A.M. (TX)
Twentieth Century Zoo (AZ>CA) 21st Century Sound Movement (?KS/?MO) $27 Snap On Face (CA)
Richard Twice (CA) The Twiggs (?) The Twilighters (TX)
The Twilighters (MO) The Twilighters (OH) Twilighters (WA)
The Twilighters (MA) Twilights (FL) Twiliters (NY)
Twin Engine (CA) Twinn Connexion (MT) Two Boys In The Windows (TX)
Two Brothers (?) The Two Dollar Question (?OH) Two Friends (?)
The Two Of Clubs (OH) 2/3rds (FL) Tyde (IA)
Tyler Mudge (MA) Tyme (CT) The Tyme (OR) - see Tyme's Children (OR).
Tyme of Day (TX) Tymes Children (OR) Tyrannies (LA)
The Tyrods (CA)


Ultimates (ID>OR) Ultimate Spinach (MA) Ultra (TX)
The Unbeatables (NY) - see Gene Cornish And The Unbeatables (NY). The Unbelievable Uglies (MN) The Uncalled For (RI)
Unchained Mynds (WI) Uncle and The Anteaters (IA) Uncle Sam and The War Machine (MA)
Uncle Willard (IL) The Undecided? (MI) Underbeats (MN)
The Underdogs (MI) The Underground (?) The Underground (?)
Underground All-Stars (CA) Underground Balloon Corps (PA) Underground Cinema (MA)
The Underground Electrics (CA) The Underground Railroad (MA) Underground Railroad (NY)
Underground Sunshine (WI) Under Milkwood (?) Under New Management (?)
The Underprivileged (IL) The Undertakers (TX) The Undertakers (FL)
The Undertakers (HI) The Undertakers (PA) The Undesyded (PA)
The Unfolding (NY) Unicorn (MI>CA) The Union (TX)
Union (WI) The Union Gap (CA) The Uniques (LA/TX)
United Gas (TX) - see Christopher (TX). The United Nations (IL) United Sons Of America (CA)
The United States of America (CA) The United Travel Service (OR) The Universal Ignorants (PA)
The Unknown (MI) The Unknown IV (NC) The Unknown Kind (OH)
The Unknowns (?) The Unknowns (MO) The Unknowns (GA)
The Unknowns (LA) The Unknowns (TX) The Unlimited (IA)
The Unrelated Segments (MI) Unsettled Society (NY) The Unspoken Word (NY)
The Untamed (IL) The Untouchables (IA) - see Al's Untouchables (IA). Untouchables (WA)
(Kathi McDonald and) The Unusuals (WA) Unusual We (?) Up (MI)
Up 'N Adam (?TN) The Upper Class (?TX) The Upper U District Singers (WA)
The Uprisers (VA) Upsetters (CA) Upside Dawne (KS)
Up-Stairs (WI) Uranus & The Five Moons (CT) Urban Renewal (MA)
Ursa Major (MI) Ursula Creek (?) US (MN)
Us (CA) U.S. Apple Corps (?) The U.S. Britons (TX)
The Us Four (KY) Us Kids (OR) The U.S. Male (?)
U.S. Males (TX) U.S. Rockers (CA) John Ussery (WA)
US 69 (CT) U.S. Stamps (NY/NJ) Us Too (OH)
Utopia (CA) Utopia Carwash


Vacant Lot (OH) - see X-cellents (OH). The Vacels (NY) The Vagrants (NY)
Sonny Valdez (?) Dino Valenti (CA) Sal Valentino (CA)
Valhalla (NY) Jim 'Harpo' Valley (OR) Charles Vance (and The Sonics) (TX)
The Vandals (FL) Vandals (MO) Vandals (PA)
Vandells (CA) Bruce Vanderpool (NY) Vandy (?VA)
Vanilla Fudge (NY) Vanishan (CT) Dave Van Ronk and The Hudson Dusters (NY)
The Vaqueros (MN) The Varcels (Combo) (NC) The Variations (NC)
The Vectors (IL) Vectors (NY) Pat & Lolly Vegas (CA)
Veil (CA) The Vejtables (CA) The Velaires (PA)
Velvet Illusions (WA>CA) Velvet Night (?) Velvet Seed (ME)
The Velvet Underground (NY) The Venetian Blinds (TX) The Venturie '5' (NM)
The Venus Flytrap (CA) Jack Veronesi & Friends (MA) The Versatiles (AL)
Very-Ations (AL) Vestells (PA) The Vestich Brothers (IN)
Mike Vetro and The Cellar Dwellers (FL) Kevin Vicalvi (MA) Vice-roys (Viceroys) (IL)
The Viceroys (WA) Victims of Chance (CA) Victoria (NJ)
The Victors (MN) Vigilantes (NC) The Vikings (MA)
The Vikings (AL) The Vikings (FL) The Vikings (OH)
The Village Outcast (aka The Village Outcasts) (DE) Villagers (FL, Chipley) Villagers (FL, West Palm Beach)
Villagers (MA) Villagers (NC) Villagers (OH, Dayton)
Villagers (SC) Villagers (AR) The Villagers (?OH)
The Village Sound (TN) The Villains (IN) Sonny Villegas (CA)
John Villemonte (WI) Vincent (MA) Vindication (IN)
The Viola Crayola (TX) Virgil Caine (VA) Virgin Insanity (TX)
The Viscount V (NM) Viscounts (TN) Vision of Sunshine (CA)
The Visions (TX) Vito and The Hands (MA) Viva (?)
Vondells (OH) Von Ruden (WI) Eric Von Schmidt (MA)
Voxmen (GA) The Voyagers (WI) The Vydels (IL)
Vyto B (IL)


Wabash Resurrection (?) Tom Wachunas (OH) The Wackers (CA)
Wadsworth Mansion (?) Dick Wagner and The Frosts (MI) Ty Wagner (with The Scotchmen) (CA)
The Wailers (WA) Wailing Wall (TX) Wakefield (CO)
Walkenhorst Brothers (MO) J. Walker and The Pedestrians (FL) Jay Walker Effort (MI)
Peter Walker (MA>?) Robert Walker (?) Steve Walker and The Bold (MA)
George Wallace, Jr. (AL) Pat Wallace (PA) The Wallflowers (?)
Wally and The Rights (TX) The Walnut Band (MA) The Wanderers (TX)
The Wanderers (CT) The Wanderer's Rest (WI) Wanderin' Kind (IL)
Wanted (MI) The Wanted & Co. (?KY/?OH) Waphphle (CA)
The War-Babies (CA) The War-Babies (ND) Warden and His Fugitives (CA)
Warlock (?) Warlocks (OH) The Warlocks (TX)
The Warlocs (FL) The Warlords (IL) The Warlords (WI)
Warm (NC) Warmest Spring (NY) Danny Warner (?)
Warner Brothers (IL) Ellen Warshaw (NY) George Washington and The Cherry Bombs (WA)
The Washington Apple (WA) Washington Merry Go Round (WA) The Watchband (MN)
Waterfall (CA) Watermelon (IL) Watermusic (TX)
Waterproof Candle (CA) Waterproof Tinkertoy (MA) The Waters (KY)
Dick Watson Five (NY/NJ) see under 'D'. The Wave-Riders (FL) Artie Wayne (NY)
Paul Wayne (MA) Kenny Wayne and The Kamotions (TX/LA) Wazoo (OH)
W.C. Doan (W.C. Dorns) The Weads (NY) W.C. Fields Memorial Electric String Band (CA)
Weathervane (CA) The Weavils (TX) Webster's New Word (IN)
The Weeds (NV>OR) The Wee Four (NY) Wee Juns (AL)
Wee Juns (IN/KY) Weekend (NY) The Weekenders (MA)
We Five (CA) Weigaltown Elemental Band (PA) Weight (CA)
The Weight (NY) Elyse Weinberg (CA) Bob Weir (CA)
Weird Herald (CA) Weird Street Carnival (NY) Wellington Arrangement (PA)
Cory Wells & The Enemys (CA) - see The Enemy's (CA). Bill Wendry and The Boss Tweeds (MA) Wendy & Bonnie (CA)
The Werps (NJ) West (CA) Leslie West (NY)
West, Bruce & Laing (IL) West Coast Branch (CA) West Coast Natural Gas (WA>CA)
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band (WCPAEB) (CA) West Coast Workshop (?CA) Westfauster (OH)
Westhampton Barge (TX) West Minist'r (NE>IA) Dana Westover (CA)
We Talkies (?) We The People (CA) - see American Zoo (CA). We The People (FL)
We The People (IA) We Three (PA) Wet Paint (IL)
Wet Paint (MA) We Ugly Dogs (NY) We Who Are (IA)
Whail (OH) Whalefeathers (OH) Michael P. Whalen (CA)
What Four (NY) The What Fours (MA) The What-Knots (?TN)
The What-Nots (NJ) What's Happening (CA) What's It To Ya (IN)
What's Left (TX) The What's New (FL>France) Whatt Four (CA)
Whazoos (PA) Peter Wheat and The Breadmen (CA) Wheatstone Bridge (IL)
Wheatstone Bridge Band (MA) - see Quarry (MA). The Wheel of Fortune (OR) Jim Whelan and The Beau Havens (VA/MD)
The Whether Bureau (NY) The Whey (NY) The Whims (MA)
Whistler, Chaucer, Detroit and Greenhill (TX) Bergen White (TN) White Cloud (NY)
White Fluff (ME) White Harvest (OH) White Haven Pillow (CA) - see Just VI (CA).
White Light (CA) White Lightnin' (TN) White Lightning (MN)
White Room (?NY) Ruth White (CA) Bobby Whiteside (IL)
White Summer (MI) White Wash (RI) White Wing (SD)
White Witch (FL) Whitewood (NY) Dan Whitley (CA)
Whitney Sunday (PA) Dick Whittington (?) The Whiz Kids (MI)
Billy Whyte (MA) The Whyte Boots (?) Wichita Fall (CA)
Wicked Truth (PA) Hank and Lewie Wickham (NM) Widsith (NJ)
The Wig (TX) Wig-Wags (AR) Jack Wilcox (?)
Wilcox - Sullivan - Wilcox (NM) Wild Butter (OH) Wild Cherries (VA)
The Wilde Knights (WA>CA) Wildfire (CA) The Wildflower (CA)
Wildflower (?) Wild Flowers (AZ) Wild Honey (IL)
Wildlife (OH) Wild Olive Branch Band (KY) The Wild Ones (TX)
The Wild Ones (NY) The Wild Thing (VA) The Wild Things (IN)
The Wild Things (MO) The Wild Things (OH) Wildweeds (CT)
Wildwood (CA) John "Buck" Wilkin (TN) Wilkinson Tri-cycle (?)
William and The Conquerors (ND) William The Wild One (MA) Paul Williams (CA)
Tim Williams (CA) Willie and The Bumblebees (MN) Willie and The Red Rubber Band (TX)
Will-o-Bees (IL) Willow Green (NC) - see Nomads (NC). Wilshire Express (TX)
Bill Wilson (IN/TX) Gary Wilson (NY) Tom Wilson (NY)
Wilson McKinley (WA) The Wind (TX) Wind (?)
Windflower (AK) Windflower (PA) The Wind In The Willows (NY)
Window (?TX) Window Frame (MI) Wings (NY)
Winkle Pickers (?CA) Mark Winokur (VT) Johnny Winter (TX)
The Winter Consort (?) Winter's Knights Wire (MN)
Wizard (FL) The Wizards From Kansas (KS) Wolfman Jack and The Wolfpack (MN)
Wolf Pack (CA) Womb (CA) The Wombats (AL)
Wonderlick (CA) John Wonderling (NY) E Zane Wood (CA)
Woodbine (WI) Terry Woodford (AL) Bill Woods (CA)
Woody's Truck Stop (PA) Wool/Ed Wool and The Nomads (NY) Woolies (MI)
Woolly Bear (PA) Wooly Ones (CA) Word (CA)
The WordD (TX) Words Of Luv (NC) World Column (IN)
World of Milan (NY) - see Milan (aka The Leather Boy) (NY). Worlocks (PA) Would (?) - see Velvet Night (?).
Bill Wray and His Showband Royale (LA) Link Wray (DC/MD>AZ) Ron Wray Light Show (NY)
Vernon Wray (AZ) Wreck-A-Mended (PA) David Wright's Original Home Band (AR)
Don Wright and The Head Set Tommy Wright (TX) Tony Wright (Kingyo) (?PA)
Wrongh Black Bag (CT) Wrong Numbers (FL) The Wyld (SC)
Wylde Heard (IL) Thee Wylde Main-iacs (ME)


The X-cellents (OH) X-Ceptions (?MD) Xit (NM)
The XLs (IA) The XLs (IN) The Xtreems (MO)
Xxenogenesis (FL) XXX (PA)


Ya Ho Wa 13 (CA) The Yak (FL) The Y'Alls (TX)
Yama and The Karma Dusters (IL) Yancy Derringer (WI) Dann Yankee and The Carpetbaggers (OK)
The Yankee Dollar (CA) David Yantis (?) The Yardleys (AL)
Chris Yates (NJ) Yays & Nays (?) Atlee Yeager (CA)
Year One (FL) Year 2000 (FL/NY) Yellow Autumn (CA)
The Yellow Balloon (CA) Yellow Hair (NE) Yellow Hand (CA)
Yellow Pages (OH) The Yellow Payges (CA) Yellowstone (?)
Yellow Sunshine (?) Jerry Yester and Judy Henske Yesterday's Children (CT)
Yesterday's Children (NY) Yesterday's Children (LA) Yesterday's Obsession (TX)
Yetti-Men (MN) Yezda Urfa (IN) John Ylvisaker (?)
Gary Lee Yoder (CA) Michael Yonkers (MN) The Yorkshire Puddin (NJ)
The Yorkshires (MI) Phil Yost (CA) The "You-Know-Who" Group (?NY)
Jesse Colin Young (NY>CA) Young And Coleman (?) The Young Aristocracy (OK)
The Youngbloods (NY>CA) Young Bros. (IL) The Young Californians (CA) - see The Tyrods (CA).
The Younger Brothers (GA) Young Generation (IL) Thee Young Generation (OH)
The Young Ideas (PA) The Young Men (MI) The Young Men (AZ)
The Young Monkey Men (NJ) The Young Ones (NC) Young Prophecies '68 (KS)
The Young Rascals (later known as The Rascals) (NY) The Young Savages (WI) Young Stuff (?)
The Young Turks (?) The Young Tyrants (NY) Your Friends (AZ)
Your Mother (CT) Yo-Yo's (NY) Yo Yo's (TN) - see Swingin' Yo Yo's (TN).
The Yo Yoz (CA)


Zaharas (NC) Zakary Thaks (TX) Frank Zappa/Mothers Of Invention (CA)
Zazu (IL) Zekes (CA) Zendik (IL)
Zephyr (CO) Zerfas (IN) The Zero End (OR)
006 (IL) - see Double-O-Six (IL). Warren Zevon (CA) Zig Zag Paper Co. (FL)
Zig Zag People (?NY) Zimmo's Thanatopsis (IL) Zipper (OR)
Zippyr Band (?) Zodiac (?) - see Cosmic Sounds (?). Zodiacs (?)
Zoldar & Clark (CT) The Zone V (PA) Zone 26 (CA)
The Zoo (CA) The Zoo (OH) Zoo (WI)
The Zoofs (LA) Zookie and The Potentates (MI) Zorba and The Greeks (OR)
Zoser (MN) Zuckerman's Dream (?) The Zulus (TN)
Zuma (TX) Andy Zwerling (?) Zygoat (CA)
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